The Introduction of Ethephon

- Mar 08, 2018 -

Ethephon is the most widely used plant growth regulator.Upon metabolism by the plant, it is converted into ethylene, a potent regulator of plant growth and ripeness.


Formulation for Ethephon

90%TC, 85%TC, 40%SL(480g/L), 10%SL


Solubility of Ethephon

Soluble in water, alcohol. methanol, acetone, and glycol, slightly soluble in toluene, insoluble in petroleum ether



Applications of Ethephon

1. Promote plant organ aging mature. Such as for ripening of cottonball, tomatoes turn red.

2. Restrain stem and leaves growth, such as for maize dwarf and lodging-resistance, cultivate stocky rice seedling, control lychee tip to promote ear.

3. Increase numbers of female flower of cucumbers and improve output.

4. Break the dormancy and promote seed germination.

5. Stimulate rubber run latex, improve production

6. Promote shedding fruit of hawthorn, dates, easy picking fruit.

7. For wheat male sterility , promote dwarf plant and good plant shape


Processing Time

The most suitable period is when the fruit begin to mature, when colored fruits begin to color, white fruits slightly turn yellow, then you would get the best effects.



Do not mix ethephon with alkaline liquor, in case causing a too fast decomposition


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