Dosage of Thidiazuron

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Thidiazuron is used as a defoliant for cotton.After being absorbed, it can promote natural separate organization between leaf and stem, thus it is a good defoliant. It’s mainly used on cotton.


1. cotton

Pls spray it with solution(10-20g/a unit of area) when the Cotton boll crack more than 60%, It can promote defoliation.


Pls spray female flowers consisting with solution(2mg/L). It can increase the fruit setting and increase the weight of fruits.

3. celery 

Pls spray leaves with with solution(1-10mg/L), It can keep leaves green

二.Increase the yield and improve the quality


Pls use solution(4-6mg/L) to spray plant at the period of flowering.It can increase the yield.

2. Melon

Pls use solution(2.5-3.3mg/L) to spray plant, It can increase the yield and improve the fruit setting.


Pls spray it with with solution(2mg/L) at the initial flowering and full-bloom stage. It can enhance the fruit setting and increase the yield.

About Thidiazuron,we have 98%TC and 50%WP, Thidiazuron also can be used on other crops, For more details, pls contact me freely.


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