Dosage of Plant Growth Regulator S-ABA(Abscisic Acid, ABA)

- Apr 27, 2018 -

一.Extend Dormant period

1. potato

Pls spray potato, It can restrain potato sprout and extend dormant period.

2. Onion

Pls  dispose onion with solution(10mg/L), It can extend dormant period

二.It can enhance Resistance

1.maizewheat, vegetables

Pls use plant growth regulator ABA before drought coming. It can let Stomatal to close and reduce transpiration rate. It can let maize, wheat and vegetables to spend drought period.

2Vegetables, cotton,fruit trees

Pls use plant growth hormones ABA before cold wave coming. It can improve the cold resistance and ensure the crops can spend the cryogenic period

3. Cotton

Pls mix seed with growth hormones S-ABA. It can enhance the ability of cotton’s drought resisting and cold resistance.

4. oilseed rape

Pls use S-ABA before the transplant, It can enhance the ability of cold resistance.

5. Rice

Pls soak the seed with solution(0.3-0.4mg/L), It can enhance the ability of cold resistance

三 .It can promote flower bud differentiation, and promote coloration


It can promote flower bud differentiation


Pls spray fruits with solution(200-300mg/L), It can promote fruit coloring

四 .It can promote plant growth and increase yield


Pls spray seedbed with solution(2.7-3.5mg/L). It can adjust plant growth

2.  tomato

Pls spray fruits with solution(3.3-10mg/L), It can adjust plant growth and increase the yield.

3. melon and fruit

Pls use plant growth regulator  ABA during the period of transplant. It can improve the quality of fruits and and increase the yield.


Plant growth regulator S-ABA(Abscisic Acid) also can be used on many other crops(Such as cotton,rice Salvia miltiorrhiza and others.  For more details, pls contact me freely.


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