Dosage of paclobutrazol

- May 17, 2018 -

Paclobutrazol is a plant growth retardant. Below is recommended dosage.


Control overgrowth and resistant to lodging


Pls soak the seed for 10-12hours before planting. Pls add 100G water into 1.5G Paclobutrazol 15%WP. Then pls soak the seed with this solution.


Pls dissolve 50gram paclobutazol 15%WP into 50KG water. Then spray plants(667 square) with this solution during full-blossom


Pls dissolve 50grams paclobutrazol 15%WP Into 50KG water. Pls spray plant(667 square) with this solution during Medium-term.


Pls dissolve 40-60grams paclobutrazol 15%WP into 50KG water, Then spray plant(667 square) with this solution during flowering season.


Controlling treetop overgrowth


Pls soil dressing 4-6grams paclobutrazol 15%WP at every plant


Pls dissolve 60g paclobutrazol 15%WP into 50KG water. Pls spray  plant  (667 square)at the stage of 5-7 pieces leaf

3.Jujube tree

Pls spray whole plant with solution(2000-2500mg/L) at the stage of 8-9 pieces leaf before flowering. It can improve the rate of fruit setting and increase the yield.


About paclobutrazol,It also can be used on many other crops, For more details, pls contact me freely.

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