Dosage of NATCA

- Jun 04, 2018 -

NATCA can stimulate root growth and increase fruit setting rate, suppression of pineapple crown shoots and leaves of growth, increasing fruit size, increase the fruit weight.


Here is detailed dosage of NATCA

1.Apple, Pear

15-20ppm(mg/L), 4-5 treatments, every 10-15 days, starting when sprout

2.Peach, Plum,Apricot, Cherry

15-20ppm(mg/L), 4-5 treatments, every 10-15 days, during the vegetative growth


15-20g/ ha, 4-5 treatments, every 10-15 days

4.Olive tree

40-50ppm; leaves stage, flower stage, fruit expanding period


25-30ppm, 3-4 treatments, every 10-15 days, from pre-flowering

6. Sugar beet

30-40g/ha, 2-3 treatments in growth


15-20/ha; 3-4 treatments, post-transplant, early flowering, fruit-set period


30-40ppm; 4-5 treatments, every 10-15 days, beginning of flowering


The Product Display


The related plant growth regulator as follows:

1. Promote growth series: Sodium nitrophenolate, DA-6, sodium a-naphthylacetate, 5-nitroguaiacol sodium, triacontanol

2. Promote root series: Soluble rooting powder, compound fertilizer synergist; indole butyric acid(IBA), potassium butyrate(IBA-K)

3. Cell division series: 6-Benzylamino adenine (6-BA), Clopidogrel (KT-30), Thidiazuron, Isopentenyl adenine

4. Control overgrowth series: chlormequat chloride ccc, acetaminophen, paclobutrazol; anti-dropping agent

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