Dosage of Brassinolide

- Apr 13, 2018 -

一.Break dormancy, Promote Germination and increase the rate of Germination

1. Wheat

Pls use solution(0.05-0.5mg/L) to soak seed for 24 hours, it have a good effect in promoting root growth.

2. Maize

Pls use solution(0.01-0.04mg/L) to soak the seed for 24 hours before planting. It can increase Plant length and number of seedlings.

3.Chinese pine

Pls use solution(0.05mg/L) to soak the seed before planting , it can increase the rate of germination.

二.Accelerate crop growth and increase yield


Pls start to foliar spraying with solution 0.02-0.04mg/L at theBooting stage,The effective of increase yield is obviously. It can increase 7%-15% after this.

2. tomato

Pls start to foliar spraying with solution 0.1mg/L at the period of Fruit enlargement . It can increase the weight of fruits obviously and increase the yield.

3. Eggplant

Pls use solution(0.1mg/L) to soak the flower when the temperature is below 17degree. It can enhance the rate of fruit setting.

4. Tobacco

Pls start to foliar spraying with solution(0.01mg/L) at the Growth period.It can increase the yield.

三. Promote late reproductive growth,Enhance the quality of product, Increase the economic benefits

1. Strawberry

Pls start to foliar spraying with solution(0.05mg/L),It can promote growth, Increase the quality of fruits.

Brassinolide also can be used on many other crops(Such as sugar orange,cucumber, celery  and others).  For more details, pls contact me freely.


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