Do not use acidic drugs with alkaline drugs

- Sep 16, 2018 -

In the process of disease prevention and control for livestock and poultry, some specialized households purchase some drugs for the purpose of facilitating and reducing the cost of prevention and treatment. However, it is necessary to remind everyone: "acidic drugs" and "alkaline drugs" bogey apply. Some of them are using "dilute hydrochloric acid" and "calcium carbonate" in combination with oral administration when treating animals with diseases of the digestive system. This practice is wrong.

Because "dilute hydrochloric acid" is an acidic drug and "calcium carbonate" is a basic drug, after the combination of the two, neutralization may occur, and after the change, "calcium chloride", "carbon dioxide", and "water" are produced. At this time, "dilute hydrochloric acid" is no longer present and has lost its effect of assisting digestion; and the newly generated calcium chloride has a strong irritant effect on the gastrointestinal tract and can make gastrointestinal diseases worse.

Is it not only "dilute hydrochloric acid" and "calcium carbonate" can not be applied? No. It is important to understand that all acidic and basic drugs cannot be used together.

Acidic drugs: dilute hydrochloric acid, vinegar, citric acid, pepsin, lactic acid, acetic acid, boric acid, salicylic acid, sodium salicylate, alum, VC, VB1, trichlorfon, ichthyosteone, marine borne, carbolic acid, chlorpheniramine. Above mainly refers to its aqueous solution. There are also some alkaline injections: procaine hydrochloride injection, pethidine injection, penicillin G sodium solution for injection, penicillin G potassium solution for injection, chloramphenicol injection, oxytetracycline hydrochloride injection, injection Tetracycline hydrochloride solution, gentamicin sulfate injection, sodium chloride injection, potassium chloride injection, calcium chloride injection, Vk3 injection, atropine sulfate injection, chlorpromazine hydrochloride injection.

Alkaline drugs: sodium bicarbonate, artificial salt, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, ammonium carbonate, aminopyrine, concentrated ammonia solution, diluted ammonia solution, sodium thiosulfate. Above mainly refers to its aqueous solution. These things are acidic injections: kanamycin sulfate injection, sulfadiazine sodium injection, sodium bicarbonate injection, phenobarbital sodium solution for injection, and urotropine solution.

If you feed pigs, you should take note it. It is very important that correct drugs usage can save your cost and improve pig quality, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Let’s mark it.



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