Detailed Introduction about Triacontanol

- Jul 06, 2018 -

Triacontanol has a variety of physiological functions that can affect plant growth, differentiation, and development. The main performance is to enhance the activity of enzymes, promote seed germination, increase germination rate; enhance photosynthesis intensity, increase chlorophyll content, increase accumulation of dry matter; promote crops to absorb mineral elements, increase protein and sugar content, and improve product quality. It also promotes the differentiation of long roots, leaves, and flower buds of crops, increases the number of tillers and promotes early maturation, preserves fruits and fruits, increases seed setting rate, promotes water absorption of crops, reduces evaporation, and increases crop drought resistance.

Applicable crops: rice, wheat, cotton, corn, soybeans, sorghum, tobacco, sugar beet, peanuts, sugar cane, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, kelp, seaweed farming have a significant increase in production. Mushrooms use this product, also have to increase production.


Usage of triacontanol

1 Promote seed germination and hair rooting. For rice, corn, soybean, sorghum and other crops generally 0.5 ~ 1 mg / kg of triacontanol liquid soaking treatment 12 ~ 24 hours after sowing, cotton soaking concentration of 0.1 mg / kg is appropriate. It can significantly increase the germination potential, increase the germination rate, promote rooting, and enhance the drought resistance of dryland crops.


2 Increase chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis intensity, and cultivate robust plants. Generally in leafy vegetables, pastures, sugar cane, tobacco, seedlings and other seedlings, with 0.5 ~ 1 mg / kg of triacontanol liquid stem, leaf spray, can promote growth.


3 Promote the transport of crops to absorb minerals and assimilation products, increase the accumulation of dry matter, improve the quality of crops, increase the seed-setting rate, increase the yield, and promote early maturing. Fruits and fruits are generally used in the fast-growing fruit growing period. Cereal crops are generally used at the beginning of heading. Legume crops are used at full flowering stage, and the concentration is 0.5-1 mg/kg.

4 Promote cuttings rooting. Cuttings of fruit trees or ornamental plants are generally soaked with 1-5 mg/kg triacontanol for about 8-12 hours, which can significantly promote rooting and improve the survival rate of cuttings.


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