Detailed Introduction about S-ABA

- Jul 20, 2018 -

S-ABA is chelated by high-tech synthetic technology, such as activin, various trace elements and anti-cracking agents. It is a brand-new positive energy inducer for fruit growth, which can induce multiple anti-reverse gene expression in plants and improve planting. Body growth quality, effectively enhance the immune resistance of the implant


Functions of S-ABA

1. Preservation of fruit: promote greening slightly, promote flowering, improve the rate of achievement, stop physiological fruit drop, accelerate fruit expansion and not crack fruit, and make the appearance of agricultural products more lustrous, color more vivid.

 2. Significantly improve quality: It can greatly increase the content of vitamins, protein and sugar in crops;

 3. Improve the stress resistance of fruit trees: after spraying, it can prevent the spread of major diseases, improve the ability of drought resistance, cold resistance and wintering, promote flower bud differentiation, resist mites, and remove pesticides and fertilizer residues.

4. Increase production by up to 30%


Recommend dosage

1, S-ABA can be used in foliar fertilizer, fertilizer and other fertilizers, It can be soaked seed dressing, stem and leaf spray. Generally, 0.5-3 g of water is used for 15 kg of foliar spray, and the root application is 15-40 g per acre.

2, soaking seeds, using 300-500ppm liquid soak rice, corn, wheat and other crops for 12-24 hours, It can increase the germination rate of crops, enhance stress resistance.

2. Irrigation Roots When transplanting trees, Pls use 20-40ppm for planting water, or with 15ppm potassium butyrate and 5-8ppm sodium naphthalene acetate, which can greatly increase the survival rate of trees, up to 95%.


About S-ABA,we have S-ABA 95%TC and S-ABA 10%SP. If you have any interests about it, pls contact me freely.


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