Detailed Introduction About Prohexadione Calcium

- May 28, 2018 -

Prohexadione calcium can inhibit the synthesis of gibberellic acid through plant seeds, roots and foliage. compared to the widely used triazole retardants, Prohexadione calcium has no residual toxicity to rotation plants and no pollution to the environment. Therefore, it may replace the triazole growth retardant.


Main function:

Prohexadione calcium can shorten stem elongation of many plants, control the growth of crop nodes, make the stem thick, dwarf plants and prevent lodging; promote fertility, promote lateral bud growth, and keep the stems and leaves Dark green, control flowering time, increase fruit set rate and promote fruit ripening. It also can  improve the plant's resistance to stress, enhance the plant's resistance to disease, cold and drought resistance, reduce the herbicide phytotoxicity, and thus improve the yield.


Prohexadione calcium can significantly shorten the stem height of all rice cultivars, and  it also has a good effect on promoting the development of ear grains and increasing the yield of rice. The low dose of prohexadione-calcium has significant resistance to lodging and stunting in the growth regulation of rice, barley, wheat, Japanese carpet grass, ryegrass and other cereals. Also used in cotton, sugar beet, cucumber, chrysanthemum, cabbage, carnation, soybean, orange, apple, etc.


Compared with similar products

Mepiquate chloride, Chlormequate chloride, or Paclobutrazol all prevent the synthetic of GA12. Thus the crops after mepiquate chloride, Chlormequate chloride, or Paclobutrazol will decrease the conversion of both GA1 and GA4+7. The yielding-increasing effect of those products is worse than the effect of prohexadione calcium.

The research of Apples trees in Shandon Province, China, shows that the fruit period of apples trees is decreased to 12 years after using paclobutrazol and the normal fruit period is 20 years. Palobutrazol can cause the serious premature againg.


1. can not be mixed with acidic substances;

2. can not be mixed with food, feed, seeds;

3. this product should be kept in a cool dry place


About prohexadione calcium, we have many formulations(Such as 95%TC, 10%WDG, 15%WP). If you have any interests, pls contact me freely.


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