Detailed introduction about Lufenuron

- Sep 10, 2018 -

The lufenuron insecticide is also a chitin synthesis inhibitor, which affects the molt of the pest and causes it to die, and can also kill eggs and reduce the number of adult eggs. With stomach poisoning and contact killing


Main functions of lufenuron

The agent kills pests by acting on insect larvae and preventing peeling process, especially for fruit-leaf caterpillars such as fruit trees, and has a unique killing mechanism for thrips, rust and whitefly, It’s also suitable for controlling pyrethrums. Ester and organophosphorus pesticides produce resistant pests. The long-lasting effect of the drug helps to reduce the number of spary; it can be used for crop safety, such as corn, vegetables, citrus, cotton, potato, grape, soybean, etc. It is suitable for integrated pest control. The medicinal agent does not cause the sucking pests to re-suck, and the effects on the adult and the feeding spiders of the beneficial insects are mild. Long lasting effect, resistant to rain, and selective for beneficial arthropod adults. After the drug is used, the first action is slow, there is an egg-killing function, which can kill the newly-produced eggs, and the effect will be seen 2 to 3 days after the application. It is low-toxic to bees and bumblebees, low-toxic to mammals, and can be used when bees are collecting honey. It is safer than organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides. It can be used as a good compounding agent and has good control effect against lepidopteran pests. Low metering use, still has good control effect on caterpillars, good control effect on flower larvae larvae; It can prevent virus transmission, and can effectively control lepidopteran pests resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphorus. The agent is selective and long-lasting, and has good control for the late potato locust. In addition to reducing the number of sprays, the yield can be increased a lot. It can also be used as a hygienic drug; it can also be used to control sucking mouthparts pests.



(1) Spraying should be uniform, fine mist, no water, leakage and heavy spray; when the pests occur in one year, it is not appropriate to increase the concentration to improve the control effect, but increase the number of spraying to achieve the best control effect.

(2) The insects of the Noctuidae are active at night, and spraying should be carried out after 5 pm.

(3) It should not be applied in paddy fields.

(4) It is used during the spawning period of pests to eradicate eggs and protect crops from pests, and the protection effect is better.



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