Detailed Introduction about Imidacloprid

- Sep 18, 2018 -

Imidacloprid is a high-efficiency insecticide of nicotine. It has broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low toxicity, low residue, pests are not easy to produce resistance, and it is safe for humans, animals, plants and natural enemies. It has contact, stomach poison and systemic absorption.  After the pests are exposed to the agent, the normal conduction of the central nervous system is blocked, causing paralysis to die. Imidacloprid  has good quick-acting effect, and has high control effect 1 day after the medicine, and the residual period is as long as about 25 days. The drug effect and temperature are positively correlated, the temperature is high, and the insecticidal effect will be better. It's Mainly used to control sucking mouthparts pests.


Main functions of Imidacloprid

Imidacloprid is mainly used for the prevention and control of sucking mouthparts pests (can be used with low-temperature rotation of acetamiprid - high temperature with imidacloprid, low temperature with acetamiprid), prevention and control such as aphids, locusts, whiteflies, leafhoppers, hummers Certain pests of Coleoptera, Diptera and Lepidoptera, such as rice weevil, rice negative worm, and leaf miner are also effective. But not effective against nematodes and red spiders. It Can be used in rice, wheat, corn, cotton, potatoes, vegetables, beets, fruit trees and other crops. Due to its excellent systemic properties, it is particularly suitable for application by seed treatment and granulation. Generally, the active ingredient is 3~10 grams, sprayed with water or seeded. The safety interval is 20 days. Pay attention to the protection when applying the medicine, prevent contact with the skin and inhaled powder, liquid medicine, and wash the exposed parts with water in time. Do not mix with alkaline pesticides. It is not advisable to spray under strong sunlight to avoid reducing the efficacy.


Recommend dosage:

1. Peanut: 40 ml of water with 100-150 ml Imidacloprid, It can coat 30-40 kg of seeds (1 mu of ground seeds). .


2. Corn: 40 ml of water with 100-150 ml of Imidacloprid,It can coat 10-16 kg seeds (2-3 mu of ground seeds).


3. Wheat: 40 ml of water with 300-400 ml of Imidacloprid, it can coat 30-40 kg of seeds (1 mu of ground seeds).


4. Soy: 40 ml of water with 20-30 ml of Imidacloprid,it coat 8-12 kg of seeds (1 mu of ground seeds).


5. Cotton: 10 ml of water, 50 ml of  Imidacloprid, it can coat 3 kg of seeds (1 mu of seed)


6. Other beans: peas, cowpeas, kidney beans, green beans, etc.



1. This product should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides or substances.


2. Do not pollute beekeeping, sericulture sites and related water sources during use.


3, appropriate medication, banned medication two weeks before harvest.


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