Detailed Introduction about IBA-K

- Jul 21, 2018 -

IBA-K  is a growth regulator for root growth. Inducing crops to form adventitious roots, through leaf spray, roots and other means, It can promote cell division and induce the formation of adventitious roots. It is easily soluble in water. It should be stored under light-shielding conditions.


Functions of IBA-K

1. After potassium butyrate is turned into potassium salt, the stability is stronger than that of indole butyric acid and completely water-soluble.

2. Potassium butyrate breaks the seed dormancy and can also take root.

3. Big tree and small tree, the most used original drug products for cutting and transplanting.

4. The best regulator for rooting and strong seedlings used in low temperature in winter


Applicable crops

Cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers. Trees, flowers, cutting roots, apples, peaches, pears, citrus, grapes, kiwi, strawberries, poinsettia, Dianthus, chrysanthemums, rose, magnolia, tea trees, poplars, cuckoos, etc.


Recommend dosage

its main purpose is to promote the rooting of many plants and the early rooting and multi-rooting of some transplanted crops.

Tea: Soak the branches at 20-40mg/L (the same as the lower end of the cuttings 3-4cm) 3h;

Sang: New technology soaked in 5mg/L for 24h or 1000mg/L cinnabar soaked branches for 3s, hard branches at 100mg/L Soaking branches 24h or 2000mg/L soaking branches for 3s; cedar, Japanese cypress: soaking branches at 100mg/L for 24h;

apples, peaches: soaking branches at 1000mg/L for 5s; cypress: soaking branches at 100-200mg/L for 24h;

Loose: soak the annual branchlets at 50mg/L for 16h;

grape: soak the sticks at 5-20mg/L for 24h;

arborvitae: soak the vigorously growing branches at 25-100mg/L for 4h; rhododendron: soak at 100mg/L Branch 3h;

boxwood: soaking branches at 100mg/L for 3h;

pepper: soaking branches at 25-50mg/L for 12h~24h;

medlar: soaking branches at 4000mg/L for 10h;

Laiwu jellyfish: soaking branches with 100-200mg/L 2- 4h;

citrus: with: 1000mg / L liquid treatment of aerial layering;

mango: treated with 5000mg / L lanolin ring cut;


(1) The butyric acid is easy to decompose, and the product must be stored in a cool and dry place with black packaging.

(2) Although butyric acid has a rooting effect on a variety of crops, it is better mixed with other rooting drugs.


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