Detailed Introduction about DA-6

- Aug 29, 2018 -

DA-6 is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator. And it is known for its long-lasting properties.


Functions of DA-6

1. It has the advantages of promoting plant growth regulators:

 (1) Broad spectrum: It can be used in various economic crops and food crops.

 (2) Long-term use: Suitable for the entire growth period of plants. It can be used for seed dipping, seedbed infusion, foliar spraying, flowering in the greenhouse, and fruit surface treatment. It can be used from the start of planting to harvesting, and the effect is very remarkable.

 (3) High efficiency, with DA-6 of 0.22-0.45USD per hectare, Compared with other plant growth regulators, the yield can be increased more than 20%

 (4) It can significantly improve fertilizer efficiency and reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

 (5) Improve the quality of crops.

 (6) It has special detoxification effects. Highly efficient DA-6 is more efficient than other plant growth regulators, Its mainly in the aspect of improving the growth of the crop, which can increase the growth of the crop by more than 10-30%, so that the farmers can see that it is a good regulator at a glance.


 2. Promoting photosynthesis DA-6 can increase the content of chlorophyll. After three days of application, the leaves will become greener, larger, more effective, and improve photosynthesis rate, increase plant absorption of C02, and regulate plant C/N. Compared with the ability to enhance the disease resistance of leaves and plants, the overall growth of the plants is good. This aspect is significantly superior to other plant growth regulators.


3. It can regulate at low temperatures Other plant growth regulators have no effect on plant growth below 20 °C, thus limiting their use in plastic greenhouses and winter crops.


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