Detailed Introduction about DA-6

- Jul 04, 2018 -

DA-6 is a Broad spectrum of plant growth regulators, especially for soybean, earthnut, tuber, leafy vegetable, significant effects on banana, mango and so on. Also as synergist for fertilizer and fungicides.


Main function of DA-6:DA-6 has a regulating and promoting effect on plant growth, can increase the content of chlorophyll, protein, nucleic acid and photosynthetic rate in plant, increase the activity of peroxidase and nitrate reductase, promote plant cell division and elongation, and promote root system Development, promotes carbon and nitrogen metabolism of plants, enhances plant absorption of water and fertilizers and accumulation of dry matter, regulates nutrient and water balance in the body, enhances crop resistance to disease, drought, and cold; delays plant senescence and promotes early maturation of crops, Increase production and improve quality; it has a certain effect on wilt disease and virus disease in some crops. The most important feature of the DA-6 is that at 15°C or less, other modifiers do not have a significant effect, while the DA-6 still has significant effect.       


Application features

 1. It has many advantages of traditional growth-promoting regulators: (1) Broad-spectrum, which can be used in various kinds of economic crops and food crops; (2) Long-term use, suitable for the whole growth period of plants; (3) Cost-effectiveness; (4) Improvement Fertilizer effect and efficacy; (5) Improve crop quality; (6) Special detoxification effect, reduce drug harm and so on.

2. Promotes robustness, resistance to lodging, and shows high efficiency; it is rapidly absorbed and stored by plants, one part works quickly, and the other part plays a slow role, with a sustained period of 25-30 days.

3. Applicable to all seasons of plant and plant growth, applicable to all growth stages of plant growth, can be sprayed on the foliage, sprayed by the greenhouse, seedbeds, seed soaked.

4. There is a wide range of use concentration, the dose is easy to control, from 1 to 100ppm have a good growth regulation of the plant, but the role of the peak time and increase the effect of different, and the phenomenon of injury.

5. To promote photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll content, make the leaves dark green, large, variable exhibition, increase the photosynthetic rate, increase the absorption of CO2, adjust the plant C / N ratio. Increase the disease resistance of the leaves and plants, so that the plants grow vigorously.


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