Detailed Introduction about Brassinolide

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Sodium Nitrophenolate is a kind of wildly used and high effective plant growth regulator, and can be used in any plant growth stage.

Sodium nitrophenolate is a Broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, which promotes cell protoplast flow, enhances cell viability, accelerates plant growth and development, promotes roots and strong seedlings, preserves flowers and preserves fruit, enlarges fruit setting, increases yield, and enhances resistance to stress. It can be used alone, and 98% of sodium nitrophenolate  is used as pesticide additive and fertilizer additive; it can be compounded with fertilizer, pesticide and feed.


Technical of usage

1. It can made into water and powder seperatley

Sodium nitrophenolate is a high-efficiency plant growth regulator that integrates nutrition, regulation and disease prevention. It can be made into water and powder (1.8% sodium nitrophenolate, 1.4% sodium nitrophenolate soluble powder).


2. It can be compounded with fertilizer

After combinating fertilizer, the plant absorbs nutrients well, and it has quick effect and can relieve antagonism (antagonism means that the presence of one ion can inhibit the absorption of another ion), thereby solving the problem of fertilizer retention. I am tired of inorganic fertilizers, adjust the nutritional balance, and double your fertilizer efficiency. At the same time, the application of multiple micro-fertilizers, not only can not all of the plants be harvested, when the concentration is large, the plants will suffer or even die. Tests have shown that the combination of multi-fertilizer and sodium nitrophenolate can relieve the antagonism between fertilizers and allow multiple fertilizers to be absorbed and utilized by plants at the same time. (Reference usage 2-5)


3. SNP can be compounded with flushing fertilizer

The root system of the crop can be developed, the leaves are thick and thick, the green oil is bright, the stem is thick and strong, the fruit is swollen, the speed is fast, the color is bright, and the morning market is added (the compounding amount is 1-2 ).


4. SNP can be compounded with fungicide

Sodium nitrophenolate can enhance the immunity of plants, reduce the infection of pathogenic bacteria, enhance the disease resistance of plants, and increase the bactericidal function after compounding with bactericides, so that the bactericide can exert obvious effects within two days. The efficacy lasts for about 20 days. , to improve the efficacy of 30-60%, reduce the amount of medicine by more than 10% (reference dosage is 2-5 ).


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