- Aug 18, 2018 -

1. Promote seed germination


Soaking the seeds of cyclamen with 100mg/L gibberellin solution for 24h, can germinate early and make the buds tidy.


2.Control bulb development


Soaking the seed ball of cyclamen with 1g/L Potassium permanganate liquid for 10 minutes, then soak with 5~10mg/L gibberellin solution for 15 minutes, planted in the pot again after drying, dormancy can be lifted.



3. Promote growth


Spraying the growth point of cyclamen with 1~50 mg/L gibberellin solution in September, can promote promote peduncle elongation and flowering. In addition, smear the peduncle of cyclamen with 10mg/L gibberellin solution when it about 2 cm, after 15 days do it again, also can promote peduncle elongation obviously.


4. Promote flowering


Spray the buds with 10mg/L gibberellin solution at the dosage of 3~4mL/ plant 50~60 days before the expected flowering. Remember not to spray to the leaves, so as not to cause the leaves to grow in vain.If gibberellin is mixed with naphthalic acid (sodium), the flowering period can be shortened more significantly by about 40 days, but special attention should be paid to water and fertilizer management before and after treatment, otherwise, the quality of flowers will be decreased.

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