The Introduction of Coccidiosis

- Feb 05, 2018 -

1. Digestive dysfunction


Due to the disorder of digestive function of chickens, they can not absorb nutrients normally. Therefore, the resistance of chicken will be decreased and the growth of chicken will be slow. Whats more, some chickens may even die of cossidiosis, which results in lower feed costs of farmed broilers.


2. Serious damage to the intestinal mucosa

Because the coccidian oocysts consume a lot of oxygen in the intestine, which providing an opportunity for anaerobic bacteria and some enteroviruses to invade, it is easy to induce enterovirus syndrome. Therefore chicken's intestinal mucosa is severely damaged.


3. Affect the intestinal mucosal barrier function

Infected with coccidiosis, the chicken broke the intestinal mucosal barrier, and the oocysts fully absorbed nutrients from the body to lose their gut balance and easily lead to immunosuppression in broiler chickens. For example, broilers are susceptible to respiratory and viral diseases when vaccinated and increase the incidence of developing E. coli, Salmonella, Newcastle disease and other diseases in broiler chickens.

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