The Introduction of Bromadiolone

- Mar 02, 2018 -

Bromadiolone the second-generation anticoagulant rodenticide which also blocks prothrombin formation.

It is used to Control rats and mice (including those resistant to warfarin) in areas containing stored products, household use, industrial buildings, and other situations.


Spec of Bromadiolone

98%TC, 0.5%TK mother liquid, 0.5%TK powder, 0.005% bait



Applications of Bromadiolone

Please set Bromadiolone bait on the place that mouse usually turn up, such as wall corner, box and case, object edge, hole, door, aisle, etc. And place one sack in a distance of 30cm.


Operation Instruction of Bromadiolone technical

1.Firstly dissolve bromadiolone tc into its solvent(ethanol) to make 0.25% bromadiolone liquid.

2.Then add 5L of water into 1L of 0.25% liquid, and put 50kg of wheat,corn or other grains into the liquid.

3.After the grains finish absorbing the liquid, you can spread out the grain  and dry.

4. Also you can put some red dyestuff into the bromadiolone liquid to color the wheat bait as a warning color.


Storage and handling

Storage in ventilated and dry place under regular temperature;

Stock it in the place out of children's touch;Do not keep or ship it together with food,drinks,seeds, grains and forage.




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