Brassinolide can degrade pesticides

- Jul 30, 2017 -

Brassinolide is an alias for brassinolide.

Zhejiang University professor Yu Jingquan task force found that the plant body of a hormone brassinosteroid can help their degradation of pesticides, artificial application can accelerate the degradation rate. This provides a new way to solve the problem of pesticide residues in agricultural products.

Researchers have found that pesticides are absorbed by plants and can be "digested" by themselves. When the content of brassinolide in plants increases, many genes involved in pesticide degradation become active, and the proteases synthesized under these genes can gradually convert pesticides into water-soluble or low-toxic non-toxic substances , And even directly from the body.

Experiments on tomato, cucumber, cabbage and tea and other crops showed that a small amount of brassinolide was sprayed before spraying pesticides such as carbendazim, chlorothalonil and chlorpyrifos, and the pesticide residues Reduced by 30% to 70% in the same period. At present, brassinolide can be mass-produced by artificial semi-synthetic method, and there is no harm to people and animals and plants

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