Application of Plant Regulator in Corn

- Mar 27, 2018 -

1. Keep the corn from falling.

Ethephon. According to the experiment, the application of ethephon in corn can promote root development. Ethephon plays the role of shortening pole, strengthening air and light transmission in the field, promote precocity. When the 1% corn was in bloom, spray 40% of 500 times Ethephon solution 25-30kg per mu on the surface of leaves.

Pay attention to the dosage and spray time. If the concentration is too high, it can cause excessive inhibition of stem growth and affect the yield ; master the use period to prevent early or late application; spray should be uniform to prevent uneven growth of the application.

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2. Promote early maturing of maize and increase yield

Atonik. When corn is in bloom, atonik can increase the fullness of corn kernels and promote grain weight, which not only can promote corn yield, but make the maize mature. When the maize is bloom, the diluted atonik solution that the solution concentration is  5000 times is sprayed 50kg on the leaves surface.

The potion should be used right after it is ready; strictly master the concentration. Generally, it is suitable to use 5000-6000 times solution of 1.4% atonik; It is recommended to apply the medicine on sunny days, and if the medicine is  washed up by the rain, it should be replenished within 6 days

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3. Application of other regulators in maize

Diethylaminoethyl hexanoate. According yo the Study, the effect of increasing maize yield is obvious if spray diethyl solution in the period of corn tasseling

 Brassinolide.  After the corn is sprayed brassinolate, the breeding character of maize can be improved, increase the yield of maize,and the brassinolide solution has the effect of ripening, and the stimulation effect is obvious. When spraying solution by the way of flight, pay attention to the height of the flight, not more than 5 meters, which can ensure that the fog drops can contact the leaf surface quickly, reducing the fog droplets drifting in the air and volatilizing and ensure the spraying effect.

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