Application of Plant Growth Regulators on Maize

- Jun 02, 2018 -

1. Prevent corn lodging

Ethephon: According to experiments, corn can be used to promote the development of root system of ethylene. It plays a role in dwarfing strong stalks, enhances the transparency of the field, promotes early maturation, and can increase production by 218.4 kg per mu. When 1% of the corn was d-flowered, spray 40% ethephon 500 times solution 25 to 30 kg per acre.

Use must pay attention to, strictly master the use of the concentration, the use of high concentrations of agents, will cause excessive inhibition of stem growth and affect the yield; grasp the use of time, to prevent premature or late application; spraying should be uniform to prevent inequality Causes irregular growth.


2. To promote premature maturation of corn

Sodium nitrophenolate: The application of sodium nitrophenolate during the extraction of male flowers in corn can increase corn grain fullness and increase grain weight, which can not only increase yield but also promote early maturing. When maize is used for smallpox, spraying 50 kg of 4-6PPM dilution of sodium nitroprusside per acre can also promote corn precocity.

Use should be noted that the pharmaceutical should be used with the current use; strictly control the use of concentration; should be applied in the clear days, after the drug should be rain within 6h.


3. Application of other regulators on corn

Amino Acid Acetate; soaking with 6-10PPM amine ester solution for 12-24 hours, remove and dry after sowing, can be seedling in advance, Miao Qi Miao Zhuang, increase the root dry weight. Through the application of 10PPM of amine esters during the tasseling period of maize, the main characteristics of maize ears were observed, and their application effects and application costs were comprehensively analyzed. This shows that the amine esters sprayed during the tasseling period has a significant increase in yield.

Brassinolide: When maize is sprayed with 0.01PPM brassinolide, it can improve the reproductive traits of maize, increase the seed setting rate of corn, promote early maturing, and increase the yield. During flight operations, attention should be paid to the height of the aircraft. According to the observation during the spraying operation, the actual flying height of the aircraft should not exceed 5m. This can ensure that the droplets can quickly contact with the foliage and reduce the drift and volatilization of the droplets in the air. To ensure the spraying effect.


Supply Products

Growth-promoting categories: Sodium nitrophenolate, DA-6 (amine fresh fat), sodium a-naphthylacetate, 5-nitroguaiacol sodium;

Promote roots: soluble rooting powder, compound fertilizer synergist; indole butyric acid, potassium butyrate;

Cytokinins: 6-benzylamino adenine (6-BA), clopyridone (KT-30), thidiazuron, isopentenyl adenine;

Controlling and boosting the strong: Chlorothorin, dilute amines, paclobutrazol; anti-dropping agents, penetrating stars, etc.

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