Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Yam

- Jul 12, 2018 -

1. Rooting

Naphthaleneacetic acid (sodium). Low concentration of naa 0.1-0.5mg/L is beneficial to the production of yam root tuber, but high concentration of naphthaleneacetic acid (sodium) greater than 2mg/L is easy to form callus, and with the increase of the concentration, the more The degree of tissue damage becomes larger and more roots originate from the callus, which is not conducive to rooting.


IBA. IBA sprayed on 0.1 ~ 2mg/L for the root formation is more favorable, in which the rooting effect of IBA 1mg/L is better.


Paclobutrazol. Adding paclobutrazol to yam seedlings will inhibit longitudinal elongation of yam test tubers and reduce the plant height, but it will significantly promote the development of the root system, which will make the tube seedlings grow robustly, and the leaf color will be green and the leaves will increase. Paclobutrazol sprayed 0.1~8mg/L was beneficial to root formation, and the earliest and most of the root formation, and with the increase of the concentration, the root was more robust. This effect was enhanced with the increase of paclobutrazol concentration. From the standpoint of cultivating strong seedlings, paclobutrazol 2 ~ 4mg/L was the best concentration.


2. Increase production

Naphthaleneacetic acid (sodium).Yam can increase production by using various plant growth regulators. Spraying 10~20mg/L naphthaleneacetic acid (sodium) during the root formation period has the effect of expanding roots and increasing production.


Paclobutrazol. When the concentration of paclobutrazol was 0.1 mg/L, the microtuber formation rate was higher than that of paclobutrazol (0.01 mg/L), paclobutrazol (0.05 mg/L) and paclobutrazol (0.5 mg/L). The average microtubules formed by each microtubule microtubule strain were the same. Small and large, this shows that the appropriate concentration of paclobutrazol is conducive to the induction of microtuberculosis, the effect of too high or too low concentration is not good.

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