Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Root Vegetables

- Apr 11, 2018 -

1. Plant Growth Regulator Gibberellic acidBreak the seed's sleep

(1) Cucumber: When the female flower is open, 50~100ppm liquid spray is used to spray female flowers to promote fruit set and increase yield.

(2) Eggplant: When the flower is open, use 10~50ppm liquid spray to promote fruit set and increase production.

(3) Tomato: Spray flowers with 10~50ppm liquid during flowering to promote fruit set and anti-air hole fruit.

(4) Celery: With 50 ~ 100ppm liquid spray 2 weeks before harvest, promote stems and leaves increase, increase.

(5) Spinach: Use the concentration of 10 ~ 20ppm, spray 2 to 2 times before harvest. Interval 3-5 days. Increase the yield of leaves.

(6) Potato: Soak the tubers with 0.5~1ppm drug solution before sowing for 30 minutes to promote germination of dormant buds.


2.Plant Growth Regulator Sodium 2,4-Dinitrophenolate(2,4-D) to promote fertility

(1) Tomatoes: Use a concentration of 10 to 20 ppm. In the morning or evening, apply freshly flowered stalks or dip flowers with a brush to reduce the risk of falling flowers, leaves, and buds.

(2) Eggplant: The use of concentrations of 20 ~ 30ppm, when the flower is half open, dip the flower or use a brush to paint the flower handle, reduce flowering and fruit drop.

(3) Zucchini: Use the concentration of 20 ~ 30ppm, in the morning 8 to 9 points just open female flower pedicel, reduce flowering and fruit drop.

(4) Cabbage: Use a concentration of 40~50ppm, spray the outer leaves 5~7 days before harvest, and take off during the storage period.

(5) Cabbage: Use the concentration of 100 ~ 250ppm, spray the outer leaves 3 days before harvest, reduce the harvest, storage period off.

(6) Winter cauliflower: The use of a concentration of 50ppm, spray before storage, can promote flower bulbs continue to grow during storage.


3. Plant Growth Regulator Paclobutrazol inhibit fertility

(1) Tomato: With 50 ~ 100ppm liquid 3 leaf 1 heart spray; cabbage with 50 ~ 75ppm2 leaves 1 heart spray; sweet pepper with 25 ~ 50ppm in 2 leaf 1 heart spray seedlings, can make plants dwarf, dark green leaves, The number of fruit increases.

(2) Potato: Use 50ppm liquid medicine to spray at the potato stage or during the growth period of the potato chips. Use 20 grams of active ingredient in the mu. Mix the fine sand and water after it is removed to increase the proportion of large potato chips.

(3) Cucumber: Use 30~70ppm liquid medicine, spray seedlings one month after emergence, section short and thick stems, compact plant shape, reduce female flower differentiation, dark green leaves, and increase resistance to disease and cold.

(4) Tomato: With 1000 ~ 3000ppm liquid, sprayed on the seedlings 1 to 4 leaves, seedlings short, strong, increase production, with 50,000ppm liquid spray after the results, can inhibit vegetative growth and promote fruit ripening.


4. Naphthalene acetic acid(NAA) Promote Rooting

Use 100~200ppm liquid to spray the plants 1~2 times in the seedling, flowering or fruiting period of tomato, cucumber, and green pepper, and separate them for 7~10 days to promote rooting and increase yield.


5. 40% SL Ethephon Promotes maturity

(1) Tomato ripening: Take the fruits that have not yet turned red, soak it in the 2000~4000ppm solution for 10~20 minutes, and ripen in the environment of 20~25°C, and turn red 3~4 days earlier , suitable for long-distance transportation and storage; the fruit of the color-changing period is soaked in a solution of 2000~4000ppm for 1 minute, then put in a 20~25°C environment for ripening, and 2~3 days for red ripening, suitable for local Sales. Use 2000~3000ppm solution to coat fruits during the color conversion period of tomato fruit, and it can be cooked 4~6 days earlier with good coloring; most fruits will be mature quickly, and when the plants are about to be pulled, they will be listed on the market. The plant can be sprayed with 1000ppm liquid.

(2) Watermelon ripening: 20 to 30 days after flowering, melon has been set, with gauze dip 200~300ppm liquid rubbing the epidermis, can mature 5-7 days earlier.

(3) Promote melon-like female flowers: The cucumber is sprayed with 200-300ppm of liquid at the 2-leaf stage. The foliar is covered with fog droplets and does not flow down until it is treated twice. The interval is 1 week to increase the female flowering rate and increase the previous yield. Zucchini 2 to 3 true leaves when spraying 100 ~ 200ppm liquid, can increase the female flower rate.


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