Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Rice

- Aug 16, 2018 -

1. Promote seed germination

Sodium Nitrophenolate. Sodium nitrophenolate can break the dormancy and promote the germination and rootage of rice seeds. Soaking rice seeds with 3-4 mg/L sodium nitrophenolate can promote seed germination. Early rice should be soaked for 48 hours, and medium and late rice should be soaked for 24 hours. Soaking early rice seeds with sodium nitrophenolate can make seeds germinate early and grow stronger, which is beneficial to raising seedling rate and cultivating strong seedlings.

It must be used in accordance with the specified concentration, If the concentration is too high, it will inhibit the growth of rice. Except that, Sodium nitrophenolate also can be used in combination with other fungicides.

2. Delay seedling’s growth

Ethephon. During the seedling growth period of late rice, because of the large amount of sowing, high temperature and fast growth rate, plants are generally more slender. Spraying ethephon solution at suitable time can reduce seedling height about 10%, effectively avert the toppling of plant. It is obvious to increase yield.

The concentration of the application must be strictly controlled. And in general, we would choose a sunny day with a temperature of 20-30°for spraying. Ethephon will be decomposed when it contacts with alkali, so it can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides.



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