Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Rice

- Mar 10, 2018 -

1.Seed germination

  In the rice storage process, some because of poor custody, seed germination, budding is not tidy, germination rate is low, some varieties in the dormant state, also not conducive to germination.Therefore, the use of plant growth regulators before sowing rice seeds can promote germination, increase germination potential and increase germination rate.

  Atonik (1.4% sodium nitrate water agent The same below)it has broken rice seed dormancy, germination and root effect.According to the Lin'an test in Zhejiang, the seeds of early rice were soaked with high-yielding regulator  , which could prompt the seeds to germinate early and grow buds. It is beneficial to improve the seedling rate and cultivate the strong seedlings.With high-yielding regulator 5000~6000 dilution, 48h soaked rice, middle season rice and late rice soaked 24h, germination can be sown.

  It is necessary to use it in accordance with the prescribed concentration. If the concentration is too large, it can inhibit the growth; it can be used in combination with other seed treatment fungicides.

  Triacontanol Plant seeds with thirty alcohol soaking, germination rate can be increased by about 2%, the germination potential increased by about 8%, and could promote root growth, increase seedling resilience etc.If 0.1% triacontanol emulsion 1000 times soaking, rice 48h, middle season rice and late rice leaching 24h, leaching after germination seeding.

  Matters needing attention:The concentration should not be too high to avoid any side effects. If thirty alkane emulsion is found to have crystallization precipitation and precipitation, it is necessary to use ethanol solvent, otherwise it will not work. Soaking seeds can be mixed with 402 fungicides.

  Cytokinin According to a test in Jiashan, Haining and other places in Zhejiang, early rice seed using it after soaking, compared with the control (water treatment) 5% improve seed germination rate, germination and fast germination; is conducive to improve the quality of seedlings, enhance resilience; on the prevention and control of rice seedling rot effect was 48%. The seedling rate can be increased by 21.8%, thereby increasing the late rice yield.With the cytokinin 100 times liquid, soaking rice seeds 48h, middle season rice and late rice 24h, germination can be sown.

  It should be used carefully and used strictly according to the prescribed concentration; it can be used mixed with fungicides.


  2.To prevent leggy seedlings

  In double cropping areas, the planting season is tight, often make continuous cropping rice seedling growth after transplanting seedlings caused by high failure, not only affects the rice plant nutrient accumulation, the number of effective panicles and grain but also seriously affected the plant, resulting in rice production. In the rice seedling stage using plant growth has been agent to prevent long,it can increase tiller , reduce loss seedlings, increase production.

Paclobutrazol  It can delay the growth speed of continuous cropping rice seedling, leaf and stem elongation control, prevent spindling , promote root growth, increase branch, enhance photosynthesis, cultivate favorable branch seedling, can increase seedling flexibility, prevent seedling transplanting after "lost seedlings" etc.. According to the test in Xiaoshan, Paclobutrazol treatment 800mg/L continuous cropping rice seedlings the average height is 31.4cm, control 70%~75%, control the growth rate of 21.7%; the tiller number 0.97, at the same time than the control 0.34 increased 1.85 times, Wang,White root, seedling root showed strong rooting, seedling quality .

  Mainly suitable for continuous cropping of rice seedling, grasp the seedling leaf stage,15% Paclobutrazol wettable powder 200g per mu, water 100g (300mg/L) spray.

  Used should pay attention to, rice seedlings after spraying it, make transplanting treatment can not keep pulling seedlings, seedling to tillage before planting, so as not to affect the normal heading; to strictly control the amount and concentration of provisions; application of Paclobutrazol seedling, sowing rate is not too high.Hybrid rice fields can wipe early 1-2D; in the nursery (anhydrous water layer to advance drainage) or spray water slightly dry after second days water . After spraying 3H in heavy rain to heavy spray; using it seedling seedling, the seedling should not continuous cropping, rotation.

  Ethephon  The growth period of continuous cropping late rice seedlings, because of the large amount of sowing, the high temperature, the fast growth, and the long and slender plants.The appropriate time of ethephon solution, can lower the height of about 10%, can effectively prevent abortion after transplanting seedlings, promote root early, reviving faster, earlier and more branches, to prevent late plant lodging, yield increased significantly.Accompanied with the 250~500mg/L, with 40% ethephon spray 800~1600 times liquid spray in the spray of 50KG per mu, six leaf seedling period, a period of four "

Attention should be paid to use.To strictly control the use of concentration, choose the temperature 20~30 degrees day injection; alkali flammable, explosive, not with alkaline pesticides mixture; ethephon corrosion to metal containers, spray after use to clean; liquid is irritating to the skin and mucous membrane, be careful in use.

3. Improving the seed setting rate of rice

The low yield of rice is the main reason for the low yield of rice. The use of plant growth regulator can promote the seed setting and increase the yield of rice.

Cytomin  After spraying it on the leaf surface of rice, it can increase the ear rate of about 7%,an increase of 1.8% per panicle, blighted grain rate reduced by 8%, the yield increased to 20%.At early and late stage of the first stage of the early rice, 350 times of the cytokinin was applied to the early rice, the spraying liquid 50KG per mu, and the late rice should be sprayed once at the beginning and mid-term of the break stage, and the spray with 600~800 times was suitable.

Pay attention to use:Strict control of the use of concentration,during the period,Spray on a sunny day at 4~5 p.m. and spray on a cloud day all day .


Gibberellin  After spraying gibberellic acid in conventional rice,the height of the plant can be raised,to promote rice uniformity, improve seed setting rate,Reducing the loss of the spike part at the harvest point。According to the Ling'an test in Zhejiang,For the use of 87~156 in early rice, the effective spike per mu increased by 24 thousand,increasing the seed setting rate by 5.1%,Single output increased by 6.97%,In 1990, the results showed that the average seed setting rate increased by 10.97%, and the yield increased by 7.6%.In addition, the effect of "warping rice head" on continuous cropping late rice varieties in the year of low temperature fall in autumn can be prevented.

In the condition of normal growth of early rice and continuous cropping late rice, spraying 60%~70% when heading was suitable. To solve the "Alice rice head", should be in the first time after the Cold Dew wind, the temperature rise when spraying. Dosage according to 85% GA3 crystal per mu 1~1.5g, water 38kg spray。

Pay attention to use:Strictly grasp the period and dosage of use ,Prematurely and overdose may cause rice plants to be overheated and lodged.






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