Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Pineapple

- Mar 30, 2018 -

1. Promote growth and increase production

GA3 and NAA (sodium) when mixed with pineapple after bolting flowering in late fruit, small fruit and foliar fertilizer mechanized spraying first, each 667m - 3G amount of GA3 + 6.7g NAA (sodium) + 1.7kg + 2000L urea water, namely gibberellin concentration is about l7mg/L, NAA (sodium) concentration is about 30mg/L at 15d, early fruit enlargement spray second times, every 667m - 3.3g amount of GA3 + 10g NAA (sodium) + 3.3kg + 1.7kg + 0.7kg urea potassium sulfate + Magnesium Sulfate 2000L 15d and separated by water; the second spraying is the fruit of small fruit Peng Dazhong, spray third times, every 667m - amount 10g NAA (sodium) + 3.3kg + 3.3kg + 1kg urea potassium sulfate + Magnesium Sulfate 2000L water, which not only promoted the absorption of nutrient elements in plants, and promote fruit enlargement, the average annual increase of 19.36% to 27.87%.

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2. Artificial germination

The pineapple is a cross pollinated plant, from the flower is not real, so the production without seed, the budding, and each parent strain shoots produced a limited number of plant breeding subculture of 5~6 strains, accounting for only about 20% of the whole plant dormant buds, the artificial germination.

According to the experimental study on ethephon, 25 75mg/L ethephon treatment effect is good, and the number of buds after treatment increased obviously.

According to the research results of Fujian Subtropical Plant Research Institute, the average growth of 15~25 shoots per plant and 50 individuals can be achieved by using 250~500 mg/L plastic.

3. Control the flowering fruit

In order to supply pineapple market in stages and batches, reduce losses caused by harvest in high temperature season and increase economic benefits, we can make artificial flower forcing and shorten growth cycle.

Calcium Carbide. Calcium carbide promote there are two ways: one is the calcium carbide powder 0.5 ~ 1g into plant pineapple heart, then add 30 ~ 50ml water; two is the calcium carbide dissolved in water directly to the irrigation solution to pineapple heart, but now with the current use, was filled with 50ml not more than 2%, and the concentration of calcium carbide.

Ethephon. Pineapple can be buds by using 250 ~ 500mg/L ethephon per plant for 30 ~ 50ml per plant or 250mg/L of ethephon + 2% urea 50ml. The concentration of ethephon should be grasps flexibly according to the specific conditions, and the use concentration is low when the temperature is high. On the contrary, high concentration is used in the low temperature season.

Naphthylacetic acid (sodium) with 15~20 mg/L NAA (sodium) per plant was 50ml, can promote the pineapple flowering.

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4. Promote fruit expansion

Gibberellin usually uses two times of gibberellin spray, and the first time is to spray 50mg/L gibberellin when it is half open. The second time is spraying gibberellin 70mg/L after the flower. It can significantly increase the yield and delay the maturation period by 7 ~ 10d.

Naphthylacetic acid (sodium) using naphthalene acetic acid or sodium naphthalene spray 2 times, using the same time and gibberellin. The first 100mg/L, the second concentration of 200mg/L. Due to NAA or naphthylacetic acid (sodium) sodium has obvious inhibition effect on bud, if the liquid drops to the axils or small sucker spraying, will lead to early bud, the fruit becomes small, therefore, the application should pay special attention to.

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5. Ripening

The pineapple can use ethephon ripening, early ripening fruit supply market, consistent, uniform color and good color. The concentration of ethephon is 500 to 1000mg/L, and its concentration and treatment time should be based on the weather and the maturity of the fruit. In summer, the fruit harvest temperature is high and the concentration should be low. It is suitable for 500 to 800mg/L. It can mature 10 to 15d in advance. The fruit collected in winter is low temperature and high concentration 800 ~ 1000mg/L is suitable, and it can be 15 to 20d earlier. If it is close to the low concentration of the mature application, if the maturity is low, the concentration can be increased properly. Fruit maturity should be above 70% when the fruit from green to ripen into Green Mung Bean is the most suitable time of medication, spraying should be evenly sprayed to wet the surface of fruit.



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