Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Peach Trees

- May 23, 2018 -

1. Control the growth of peach trees

Paclobutrazol. Paclobutrazol can effectively inhibit the growth of new shoots of peach trees, shortening their internodes, shortening the color of leaves, dark green leaves, increasing the content of chlorophyll, and increasing the dry matter of leaves. It can also improve the cold resistance of flower buds and increase the fruit setting rate. According to a study by the Zhengzhou Orchard Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the use of paclobutrazol for foliar spray and soil root application can significantly increase peach dry matter weight and fruit set.


The root application of the soil can be controlled when the peach shoots germinate to 2 cm in length, and each ring of the peach roots in the age of the planting device can be applied. Each plant can be applied 15% paclobutrazol wettable powder 10-15 grams, foliar spray It can be sprayed with paclobutrazol 1000 mg/kg when the new length is as long as 30 cm.


Note: Peach use paclobutrazol peach to strictly control the dosage and concentration according to the local environment and peach species, so as not to excessively inhibit the growth of peach; paclobutrazol can not be used year after year, in particular, the long-term residual effect of soil rooting, the second year to be disabled.

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2. Thinning fruit and preserved fruit

Thinning fruit thinning in peach trees:

Ethephon. The application of ethephon 200 mg/kg was sprayed 8 days after flowering. In the yellow peach test, the spraying of ethephon at 300 mg/kg in the full flowering stage had a good sparing effect.


NAA. Naphthyl acetate 40-60 mg / kg solution sprayed 20-45 days after flowering have a sparse effect.


Paclobutrazol. Spraying 500-1000 mg/kg paclobutrazol at the flowering stage also had a significant effect of removing the rot. As the suppression of pollen germination and young fruit enlargement, the species of fruit treated at maturity was higher than that of the control.


preserved fruit in peach trees:

Spraying 10-20 mg/kg of rhododamine at the flowering stage, or spraying naphthalene acetic acid 20 mg/kg after flowering, or spraying gibberellin 1000 mg/kg at 15-20 days after flowering, or April Spraying the anti-dropping agent 25-400 mg/kg from late to mid-May can improve the fruit setting rate.

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3. Adjust plant shape


Paclobutrazol.  In greenhouse cultivation, peaches grow for 3-5 times in two years. In order to inhibit growth, reduce the number of pruning in the growing season, and make the canopy short and compact and grow moderate, paclobutrazol can be applied to regulate. There are three kinds of paclobutrazol methods.


The first is a foliar spray. When the new one after topping is 15-25 cm long, spray 200-300 times 15% paclobutrazol wettable powder solution, spray once every 10-15 days, spray 2-3 times continuously. Before spraying the shed or after uncovering the film, spray it once every 10-15 days from mid-July to mid-August and spray 2-3 times continuously.


The second is land use. In the autumn or early spring, a 15 cm deep ring groove is dug in the root distribution area under the canopy projection, diluted with water, poured into the ditch, and then covered with soil. General two-year-old Wang Changshu each plant applied 1 gram (content 15%) paclobutrazol wettable powder, with the increase of the tree age is reduced by 1 gram, such as 5 years old trees with 4 grams, 4 years old trees with 3 grams.


The third method is the trunk smearing method. In the growing season or dormant period, the paclobutrazol wettable powder is uniformly mixed in the small cups and then smeared on the trunk below the main branch with a small brush, the same amount as the soil application.

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