Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Orchids

- Jun 25, 2018 -

1. Promote seed germination

NAA and 6-BA. Chinese orchids such as Orchid opening in the spring and Orchid opening in the fall are fine and their seed coats are thick, with a layer of impervious, airtight membrane material covering the surface. Its embryos are incompletely developed embryos, containing only lipids as a storage nutrient, conventional seeding is difficult to germinate. Only under sterile conditions, germination can be achieved with the aid of a suitable culture medium. Adding 0.1 mg/L sodium naphthaleneacetate and 0.01 ml 6-ba solution in the sowing medium promoted the rapid germination of the seeds of Orchid opening in the spring and fall.

2. Promote cuttings take root

Iba-k. White orchids are not easy to reproduce with seeds, and the rate of reproduction is also low by means of splicing and pressing, and the use of cuttings for seedlings is better. From mid-June to early July, on the mother trees of 2 years old or above, select the old, thick, well-developed, disease-free pest-free, and full-grown buds of the current year. The cutting length is 10-15cm, and the upper part of each ear retains 1-2 pieces. Leaves, cut into horseshoe shape at the lower end, cut 30-50 sticks into bundles, fasten with 500mg/L iba-k solution, and insert with the hoe.

NA-NAA. Soaking with 200mg/L sodium naphthenate solution for 24h can also promote rooting of white orchids.

3. Regulate bulbous development

6-ba. When the temperature in the early spring gradually rises, wash the Chunlan offspring and immerse the pseudobulb and root in 100-200mg/L 6-ba liquid for 10-12 hours. The sprout is sprouting.

4. Promote the growth of orchid

7-ba. Applying 1% 6-ba lanolin to the roots of orchids can promote adventitious buds. During the growth period of Dendrobium nobile, budding heads are coated with the same medicinal solution, which helps to form high-position buds.

5. promote flowering

Triacontanol. The orchid is relatively young in its infancy. Generally, seedlings need to be cultivated for more than 12 months to bloom. Use of plant growth regulators such as triacontanol can promote early flowering. The method is: using 0.1 mg/L triacontanol milk powder to spray the whole plant of orchid seedlings once a month for 3 times in succession to promote early flowering.

Gibberellin. In late August to mid-September, the whole plant of Orchid opening in the spring was sprayed with 200 mg/L of gibberellic acid solution for 3-4 times (1 week interval) to promote flower bud growth and flowering in advance (10-15 days earlier than normal flowering period).

6, extend the potted flower viewing period

NA-NAA. The flowering period can be prolonged by spraying the 50mg/L sodium naphthaleneacetate solution at the buds of orchids. At the same time, it is also possible to use steam fertilizer produced by China Chemicals. Spraying once every 10 days during the flowering period can make the leaves green, increase the number of flowers, increase the resistance, and extend the flowering period.


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