Application of Plant Growth Regulators in Bananas

- Aug 31, 2018 -

1.Ripening, improving quality and increasing production


Spraying banana with 10~20mg/L DA-6 solution during flower bud period and flower bud breaking period can increasing production, the fruits growth evenly,precocious, increased production, good quality.



Choose bananas with a certain maturity, pack the basket into sputum, use ethephon, use 1000~1500mg/L at 15~20°C, use 700~1000mg/L at 20~25°C, use 500~ at 25~30°C 700mg/L. The banana is sprayed, the banana is impregnated, and the top is also impregnated. The cob has a certain effect. After treatment, it turns yellow softening 2 to 4 days later. It can accelerate the ripening of bananas, promote the greening and yellowing of the peels, and the fruits will be softened and softened, and the sugar content will increase rapidly. The degree of flavor is determined by the temperature of the ripening period, preferably between 18 and 25 °C. Dipping bananas with an aqueous solution of Ethephon also has a good ripening effect, but is susceptible to mold.



Spring planting bananas are 3 to 4 months after planting, and summer and autumn plantings are sprayed with bryophyte lactone 1500 times solution for 5 to 7 months after planting, which can promote the plant to grow early and grow fa, and grow into plants with large stems. Efficient assimilation, accumulating a large number of photosynthetic products, laying a material foundation for flowering. The spring planting banana is 5~7 months after planting, and the summer and autumn planting banana is 8~11 months after planting. This period is in the process of vegetative growth to reproductive growth. At this time, sprayed brassinolide 1500 times solution can simultaneously promote flower bud differentiation and vegetative growth, and ensure that 11 functional leaves can be continuously extracted to form larger inflorescences and longer fruit fingers.


2. Disease prevention

Brassinolide + fungicide

After using the brassinolide and the fungicide, the banana leaf spot disease is controlled, the leaf-preserving effect is unique, the lesion disappears rapidly, and the damaged leaf quickly returns to green. Recommended formula: Brassinolide 1500 times solution + good force g5000 times solution.

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