Application of Plant Growth Regulator Triacontanol in kelp

- Jul 11, 2018 -

Triacontanol. Soak kelp seedlings in 20mg/L triacontanol solution for 2 hours to promote pseudo-root growth, increase seedling maintenance, and increase chlorophyll.

Triacontanol can promote the growth of rhizoids in kelp, increase fixation, reduce the emergence of seedlings, increase the photosynthesis of kelp, and increase dry matter accumulation. Generally before and after the kelp seedlings released period(1-3cm), the holding period(3-20cm), sub-seedling(15-20cm) and seedling stocking period(above 20cm) putting the kelp into triacontanol solution could increase the yield.

In general, the seeds are soaked with 0.5 mg/L triacontanol for 6-12 hours, but the effect is better if the seeds are soaked with 2.0 mg/L for 2 hours. The kelp seedlings are soaked for 6-12 hours With 1.0mg/L triacontanol solution. With 0.5mg/L of triacontanol solution soak for 12 hours, and it can also be used in 2-3 times. The released period, the kelp was soaked with 1 mg/L triacontanol for 6 hours, and then for a further period, soak 6 hours with 1 mg/L of solution. The seedling can also be soaked in the holding period with 0.5-2mg/L liquid 1-3 times, every time 2-12 hours

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3. Cell division series: 6-Benzylamino adenine (6-BA), Clopidogrel (KT-30), Thidiazuron, Isopentenyl adenine

4. Control overgrowth series: chlormequat chloride ccc, acetaminophen, paclobutrazol; anti-dropping agent

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