Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Wheat

- Aug 09, 2018 -

1. Promote the germination of wheat seed

Triacontanol. The treatment of barley and wheat seeds with triacontanol can increase the activity of enzymes and promote the metabolism of enzymes in the seeds, thus facilitating the transport of substances to provide energy for the growth of plants. According to the agricultural technology extension station test of Xintai City, Shandong Province, wheat seeds were soaked in 0.2 to 0.5 mg / L of triacontanol for 4 to 12 hours before sowing, it was found that the number of secondary roots increased by 1.8 in winter and 5.8 in spring. Because of the developed root system and strong ability to absorb fertilizer of wheat, it can increases output by 4.3% to 7.1%per 667 square meters.Triacontanol needs to be used strictly according to concentration to prevent side effects. And it can be mixed with pesticides.

2.Prevent mad growth of wheat

Mepiquat chloride. In the early stage of wheat jointing, spraying evenly on the leaf surface with 200 mg per liter of condensate diluted solution can reduce the height of the plant, enhance the strength of the stem, increase the seed setting rate and increase the yield.The application of mepiquat chloride should be based on the growth of the crop. In general, the land with high fertility level and strong growth can be used.


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