Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Sugarcane

- Mar 23, 2018 -

In successive years of planting sugarcane fields, it is easy to occur sugarcane internodes shortened, which results in production loss. This phenomenon is sometimes difficult to reverse, and the use of plant growth regulators can solve the above problems, not only increase the yield, but also improve the quality.


1. Promote sugar cane growth.

Gibberellin can adjust the physiology function of sugarcane, improve the carbon oxidation of plant.Used ga3 sugar cane, sugar cane are increased, leaf color, leaf area, leaf increased population density, improve the photosynthesis efficiency, accelerate the growth of the sugarcane stalks, and added sugar.According to the experiment of the sugarcane injection of gibberellin in yuhang and xiaoshan in hangzhou, the cane can increase the stalk by 5—10cm, increase the plant height by more than 15%, increase the growth rate by 18%~20% and increase the yield by 15%—20%.The sugar content of sugarcane was increased by about 5%.At present, sugarcane using gibberellin technology has been widely used.

At the end of the sugarcane subsection to the early stage of the treatment, a total of 40—50mg/L liquid was used for 25—30kg per mu, and once every 15d was sprayed, the total spraying was 2—3 times.Generally, the first sugarcane field with good fertility is sprayed 1—2 times.It is advisable to spray three times of the field of sugarcane for many years.

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2. Promote the growth of sugarcane stem leaves.

Gibberellin.  The use of gibberellin can promote the growth of stem leaves, but the increase in concentration does not increase the growth effect, so it is necessary to control the concentration.In the week before the injection of gibberellin, the fertilizer was increased and the yield was more significant.The application of potassium dihydrogen phosphate in gibberycin solution can be mixed, and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be applied to the application of potassium fertilizer.To master the application when the weather is clear, the liquid should be ready for use, and the prepared liquid should be used at one time to prevent degradation.

Brassinolide.  To promote the growth of sugarcane, increase the effective stem number of mu, increase the stem length, stem thick, stem weight, increase sugarcane yield and sugar content have significant effect.With 5000 times liquid canola lactone in sugarcane seedling fertilization once, in growing period, and the seedling + phase two different times, different period of processing, production is significantly higher than control processing, an increase of 375 kg, 283 kg and 525 kg respectively, 7.7%, 5.8%, 10.8% to increase production.Average field hammer degrees of comparison is higher than the contrast increased 15.9%, 9.7% and 15.9% respectively, sucrose increased significantly, and shi is significantly higher than stretch long processing time, processing production canola, lactone in sugar cane because use number to 1—2 times, using the optimal period for seedling and seedling + for a long time.

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3,.Improve the yield of sugarcane and improve the quality of sugarcane.

Compound sodium nitrate of phenol . Sugarcane injection of 1.8% sodium phenol sodium hydroxide can activate cell activity and promote metabolism.The combination with gibbiellin can promote each other and improve the yield of sugarcane and improve the quality of sugarcane. Master the spraying at the end of the sugarcane subsection to the initial stage.When the gibberellin was sprayed, the solution of gibberellin was prepared with a concentration of 40—50mg/L, and the concentration of the solution was mixed in the solution of gibberellin.The number of spraying can refer to the use of gibberellin.

The use concentration of gibberellin and sodium nitrate was calculated correctly, especially in the case of polyphenol sodium.In the mixture of gibberellin and sodium nitrate, 2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be added.It is helpful to promote the extension of sugarcane and increase sugar. Compound multipleazole composite multi-effect azole is better than that of the multiple effect of plant growth regulator, it besides contains multi-effect azole outside, still contain a variety of crop growth and development necessary trace elements, and thus inhibit the crop, the synthesis of ga3 increased photosynthetic intensity, promote root respiration and metabolism, increase dry matter accumulation.

Test results show that the composite paclobutrazol concentration in 60—200 mg/L concentration range, complex paclobutrazol  can increase sugarcane section, expand leaf area, growth speed, higher plant, stem diameter increased, thus increase the sugarcane amount of 1825—2334 kg/mu, the production increase 26.02%—26.02%;In 100—150 mg/L concentration range, complex multi-effect azole makes the sugar cane sugar, sweet juice, Jane purity, such as increase, reducing sugar decreased, beyond this concentration range, the properties of sugarcane technology to produce negative effects.

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