Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Soybean

- Apr 03, 2018 -

1.Promote soybean growth.

4-iodophenoxyacetic acid. 4-iodophenoxyacetic acid belongs to the growth regulator of auxin. The low concentration of the stimulation can regulate the nutrition of the vegetative organs to the reproductive organs, and promote flowering, fruiting and increasing production.Beginning in soybean flowering and spray coated the 15 to 20 mg/L of solution 1, 1 hm2 30 to 50 L of liquids, can promote plant growth, increase the branching, expand the green leaf area, increasing the efficiency and wide, and promote the photosynthetic to clamp, increase the rate of podding, increase 7% to 15%.

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 2.Reduce the drop of beans

Naphthalene acetic acid is also a synthetic plant growth regulator.In the peak stage of soybean pod, 5-10g/L was used to spray the pod, and the photosynthetic products of the leaves could be adjusted to transfer to the pod to inhibit the formation of the ionosphere, and reduce the drop of the pod and increase the early maturity.However, high concentration of naphthalene acetic acid will promote the formation of ionosphere, and the thinning of flowers. In the 4-5d before flowering, the spraying of leaves and buds can significantly reduce the drop of soybean.

3.Promote root

Sodium nitrophenolate is a Sodium salt consisting of three nitrophenol compounds (Sedium-o-nitrophenolate, Sedium p-nitrophenolate and Sodium 5-nitro-o-methoxyphenol ). It was prepared with 1.8% sodium nitrate and 6000 times liquid, and the soybean seed was 3h, which had good effect of promoting root.

Gibberellin and kinetin. In high latitudes, low temperatures often prolong the germination process of spring sowing soybean, delay germination, reduce germination rate, and the lower the temperature, the lower the germination rate. At the same time, low temperature will increase the susceptibility of soybean sprouts and reduce the life force of young seedlings, resulting in a mixed population.It can effectively accelerate the initial germination rate of spring sowing soybean at 10-15 degrees Celsius with 3.5mg/L gibberellin solution or 1mg/L kinetin solution, which can obviously accelerate the growth rate of the young root and increase the fresh and dry weight of the young root.The effect of gibberellin is particularly obvious.

UniconazoleUse 10mg/L Uniconazole to seed or spray the seedlings when they are open, which can significantly reduce the height of the seedling, increase the length of stem, root length and root number, and increase the root crown ratio significantly.However, the plant height, leaf number, survival rate and stem thickness increased after transplanting, and the root ratio was still higher than the control group.

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4. Increase production

Naphthalene acetic acid and sodium naphthalene are in the growth class, so it can be regarded as a compound plant growth regulator.In the period of soybean pod and drum, 2.85% of naphthalene acetic acid and sodium naphthalene were mixed with 4000-6000 times liquid. The dosage of each mu was 30 to 40L, which could increase the yield by 7-12%.

CPPU is also known as KT-30. Spraying 50-100mg/L during the initial flowering period can increase the photosynthetic rate, protein content and total nitrogen content, and significantly increase the yield.

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5.Prevention of false growth and lodging

Paclobutrazol is generally used for growing crops, inhibiting cell elongation, reducing plant height, improving field density and preventing plant growth and lodging.Increase the number of main stem nodes and stem thick, increase the effective branch number and pod number;The night deepens, increasing photosynthetic capacity, promoting the transport of photosynthetic products to the seeds, thus increasing production.Spring soybean is used in sealing period, summer soybean is 100-200mg/L.If the soil is fertile, the plant can increase the concentration appropriately, but not more than 300mg/L.



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