Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Rose

- Mar 22, 2018 -

1. Promote the roots of cuttings

IBA(Indole-3-butyric Acid). The survival rate of the roots of cuttings of rosa xanthina(A kind of rose) is usually very low. A tough branch that has the length of 10-15cm and survival for 2 years is to be picked as cutting. The bottom of the cuttings are soaked with 150 mg/l of IBA solution for 1 hour to promote rooting and improve survival.  

Naphthylaceticacid(NAA)orSodium naphthalene-1-acetate(NAA-NA). Picking the high quality seedlings and the semi-woody top or secondary ends to be cuttings and remove some leaves properly. Putting the cuttings into the 500ma/l of NAA-NA or NAA solution soak for 10 seconds and the soaked place should be at 2-3cm of the bottom of cuttings, which can also promote rooting.


2. Promote the growth of rose

Ethephon. Spraying the bottom of the rose with 250mg/l of ethephon solution can promote the secondary branch grow. The Specific way is that  at first, the rose are sprayed ethephon solution, and then spray again after 2 weeks.


3. Accelerate bloom

Paclobutrazol. After the potted roses are trimmed and the new branches are 5 to 10cm , the soil is irrigated with 300mg/l of Paclobutrazol solution. When watering, it is appropriate to fill the basin with fresh liquid. The treated roses will bloom two weeks earlier than untreated. Because of the long residue time in the soil, Paclobutrazol solution can prevent the branches from growing in vain.

Gibberellin(Gibberellic Acid). When the roses begin to expand their leaves, they can be sprayed the whole body with 100mg/l of gibberellic acid solution, which will make the roses flower about 6 days in advance. However, the flowering time will be shorten.

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