Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Plum Tree

- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. Processing of grafting of plum trees.

Sodium Nitrophenolate:For the treatment of the cuttings, the treatment of sodium nitrate was 2-6mg/L. When transplanting, 0.9-1.2mg/L can be used to spray the seedbed; After transplanting, 1.5-2mg/L sodium nitrate was used to spray the seedlings.


2. Prevent the late frost damage and reduce the falling fruit

(1)Gibberellic acid:In the condition of continuous wet rain, the spraying of 20mg/L in the flowering stage and the spraying of gibberellin by 50mg/L at seedling stage can reduce the fruit drop. 


(2)Paclobutrazol: The multi-effect azole of the young tree in the new shoot was sprayed with the drug of 1000-2000mg/L, which could inhibit the growth of the new shoots and reduce the fruit drop.


(3)Qingxin liquid: The plum blossom is early and vulnerable to late frost damage. During the growth stage of the plum tree, the spraying of qingxin liquid with 500-2500mg/L can be delayed for 4-5 days.


3. Increase the fruit rate.

(1)Diethyl aminoethyl hexanoate (DA-6): Fresh amine ester in the beginning of flowering and fruit setting and fruit enlargement period after the spraying a 8-15 mg/L of DA-6, can improve fruit-set rate, fruit growing fast, uniform size, increase the weight, sugar, acidity, increase in resistance, early maturity, increase production.


(2)Forchlorfenuron CPPU: KT-30 is used for 10d after flowering, with 5mg/L of KT-30 spraying, which can increase the yield of single fruit by about 60%.


(3)Sodium Nitrophenolate: In the 20 days before the flowering, the sodium nitrate was sprayed with 3-6mg/L of the sodium nitrate, and every 7 days, the fruit rate was increased.


4. Improve the fruit quality and ripening of the fruit.

Ethephon: The improved fruit quality of some plum varieties can be sprayed 50 to 100mg/L at 50%. The ripening of most plum cultivars can be used in the first one month before the fruit ripening, and the spraying of 500mg/L of vinyl is obviously ripening.

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