Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Peony

- Feb 24, 2018 -

1. Promote seeds germination

Gibberellin(gibberellic acid). The peony seed has the hypocotyl dormancy phenomenon, and the Stratification(5℃) can break the dormancy. The seeds are immersed for 12 to 24 hours with 100 to 300mg/L of gibberellin, which can instead of low-temperature treatment to promote seed germination.

2. Accelerate rooting

2.1 Promote the roots of cuttings.

Gibberellic Acid and IAA(Indole-3-Acetic Acid). Pick peony branches that have been growing for 2 years and cut them to 10 to 15cm during the period of the autumn equinox, and then dip the root into the solution of 500 to 1000mg/l gibberellin or 500mg/l indole-3-acetic acid before the insertion, which will promote rooting.  


2.2 Layer to take root

IBA(Indole-3-butyric Acid). Using indole-3-butyric acid treatment for the Peony layering can promote rooting. The specific way is that When the branches are semi-lignified about 10 days, choose healthy and tender branches to be twined with non-toxic cotton that is soaked with 50-70mg/l of IBA solution at the 0.5 to 1cm behind the bottom of second to third bud. Then the film was used to raise seedlings in a conventional way.

3. Adjust flowering

GA3. When the peony is urged to bloom in the early spring or early winter , a cotton ball is placed on the peony flower bud, and use 500 to 1,000 mg/l of gibberellin every day to get the cotton ball wet. After about 1 week the buds begin to sprout. Then peony is cultivate in a low temperature. In 25 to 45 days before flowering, move it to the warm environment that the temperature is about 25℃ to urge blossom. In addition, in order to promote the flowering of the peony in the Spring Festival, it can be used to apply 100 to 300mg/l of gibberellin to smear the bud during the period of bud germination to the blooming of bud. Once in 2-3 days, and use 4-6 times in total.

Ethephon. Spraying the plants with 500mg/l of ethephon solution can also lead to early flowering.

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4. Chemical preservation

Daminozide. The peony cut flowers are sealed in a plastic bag after treated with 2-4mol/l of sulfur instead of sulfate. The cut flowers can be kept for 3 days at room temperature, and they can bloom at low temperature(2-3℃) for 30 days. But if  more than 15 days, it is necessary to use absorbent paper to wrap the bud, otherwise it is easy to trap water and become moldy. The vase with peony cut flower can be soaked with the solution of 2-4mol/l of STS for 10 minutes in order to keep fresh and then inserted into the bottle with the solution of 3% sugar + 200mg/l of 8-Hydroxyquinoline Citrate + 50mg/l of daminozide 

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