Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Pear

- Jun 15, 2018 -

一.Control the growth of new shoots.

The growth of the new shoots of pear trees can be controlled by the use of the growth regulator, which can help to promote the formation of flower buds in the next year, thus increasing the yield.

CCCThe use of CCC also controls the growth of new shoots. It can be used to spray the pear tree after the flower.

Note: to determine the optimum concentration of the local pear tree species on the test basis; It can be used in combination with daminozide to improve the effect of the control, but not with gibberellin and auxin.


二.Increase the fruit rate.

Gibberellin is used to increase the yield of pear, pear, Dangshan pear and other pear varieties.

Note: the concentration of gibberellin on the pear tree should be adjusted according to the variety. Gibberellin can induce the robustness of the pear.


. Reduce the flowering number of pear trees.

GibberellinIn order to reduce the amount of the pear trees in the next year, it is necessary to spray 50 to 100mg/kg of gibberellin at the critical stage of bud differentiation of apples and pears, which can significantly reduce the amount of flowers in the next year.If combined with a 0.3% urea, the effect is better.


. Reduce pears before harvest.

 NAA . Before the Pick fruit,20-40mg/kg of NAA or 20-50mg/kg should be sprayed to prevent the falling effect, and the effect of anti-falling is quite significant. General NAA spray 2 day and night is the effect. The duration of efficacy is 7-10d and 20-25 degrees can reach 15-25d when the temperature is above 25 degrees.


. Early flowering and early flowering of pear trees.

(1)  CCC. 4-6 years grow long little flower, Not long after the bloom, spray three 500 mg/kg CCCtwice (the second time in the first two weeks after spraying, spraying or 1000 mg/kg, can control the growing of new tips, the increase in the second year of flower and bear fruit.

(2) PaclobutrazolIt is also effective to spray 500mg/kg of Paclobutrazol in a single shoot and to inhibit the growth of flowers. If the Paclobutrazol is often used with the new tip, it needs to be noticed.

. Improve the fruit rate of pears.

Gibberellin and NAABorn according to the test, 30 years after the late frost cold, Laiyang pear in full bloom with 15 mg/kg of NAA and 50 mg/kg of gibberellic acid, can improve the fruit rate, of which 50 mg/kg of gibberellin is best, 7.2% higher than that of control.In addition, when the receptacle was in good condition, it was best to apply 50mg/kg of gibberellin on the receptacle, which was 7.2% higher than the control.In addition, when the receptacle was in good condition after freezing, the concentration was 50mg/kg, 15mg/kg of gibberellin and 35mg/kg NAA, respectively, and the fruit rate was 60%, 50% and 37.5% respectively.

七.Promote the ripening of pear fruit.

EthephonEthylene is one of the main agents to promote early ripening of pears.The general optimal period is 20-30d.High concentration and premature aging, not only ripening effect, but certain varieties will produce fruit and fruit.The specific ripening techniques of different varieties are different.



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