Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Oyster Mushroom

- Mar 26, 2018 -

1. Medium preparation

A variety of plant growth regulators.   In the preparation process of the culture medium, the growth of the mycelia was promoted by adding 5~10mg/L of gibberellin, IBA, naphthyl acetate (sodium) and 2, 4-d of 15mg/L.

Brassinolide. In the preparation of the medium, it was used as a PDA culture instead of distilled water to dilute the brassica solution, and the concentration of the medium with a concentration of 1:5000 was 1:500, which could accelerate the growth of the children. Brasin liquid concentration of 1:500 was significantly promoting the growth of mycelium, and the control of colony diameter was 31.2% after treatment.Lid and subsidiary entities growth has accelerated effect, processing entity after fruiting body 6 d pileus diameter 73.3% higher than ck, but it can make the cap protein content decreased, the concentration of 1:50 00 canola grain protein content is 18.6% lower than in control after processing. Make the maturity stage 2~3d. But after the flower bud, had better not use.

 1. 8% sodium nitrate water agent.   In the preparation of the culture medium, it was added to the water with 1.8% of sodium nitrate and the water was added to the water.It was ideal for treatment with 6000~ 12,000 times, and the biological efficiency was more than 10%.

2. The mushroom management   

Brassinolide. In the mushroom period, the yield of the mixed solution was 31.3%, with a mixture of 100~200mg/L of rare earth, 0.8mg/L of brasycin, 0.5-2mg /L of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and 0.5~2mg/L of urea.

Ethephon  First tides, the second and third mushroom head thickened mushroom harvest after 3 d: 2 times, respectively in the hypha covered material surface and coral, ethephon (CEPA) 150 mg/L, with a concentration of 50 mg/L ethephon in the bacterium bud stage, cap extension period spray 3 times, each time 50 ml/m2 have promote budding and precocious function, can increase by about 20%.

Triacontanol(TAL)1mg/LGibberellin 10mg/L、Plant growth promoter(EF)50mg/L、Naphthalene acetic acid (sodium) 5mg/L、the spray amount is 175ml/m2.

The content of vitc in the flat mushroom body was higher, with the control increased by 36.03%, 59.10%, 59.10%, 60.92% and 29.62%, which was obvious to increase the yield and quality.

2.4-D. Using 20mg/L concentrated solution to treat young children, it can increase the yield of oyster mushroom by 30%~40%.

Naphthyl acetate, tridecanol and quick-acting fertilizer.   With the concentration of 5 mg/L 30 alkyl naphthalene acetic acid, concentration of 0.5 mg/L and the concentration of 0.05% urea, potassium dihydrogen phosphate mixture, in young mushroom into the cross spray after pileus differentiation stage, mature can lead time, and enlarged the handle is short.

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