Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Litchi.

- Feb 02, 2018 -

1. The treatment of germination winter bud.

Ethephon. When the winter tip of the precocious variety in mid-october, medium maturity in mid-november, late maturity varieties in mid-december grows less than 5cm, spray the leaf surface with 1000mg/l ethylene and 500 to 1000mg/l daminozide, and then the shoots naturally drop off after a week.

Naphthylacetic Acid+ Urea+Monopotassium Phosphate. With the 50-100mg/l naphthylacetic acid+0.1% urea + 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate for leaf surface injection, the early precocious growth of the branches can be promoted.

2. The processing of grafting of litchi trees.

Atonik. For the cutting, use 2-6mg/l atonik to soak the seeds for 10 hours, and then In the process of grafting, it can be sprayed for several times with 3-6mg/l atonik. When transplanting,  use 0.9-1.2mg/l atonik spraying the seedbed. After transplanting, the seedling can be aprayed with 1.5-2mg/l atonik.


3. The effect of flower bud differentiation.

Ethephon+Daminozide.When the leaves on the ear of lichee flower is found to be sloping downward, the temperature is more than 18 degrees, and the leaves of the flower heads are not converted to red, it is feasible to use 100-250mg/l ethephon+500mg/l daminozide spraying on the flower, which can kill the tender leaves and make them fall off.This not has any adverse effects on the development of the panicle.

4. The protection of flower and fruit.

ABT. The ABT root powder of 10mg/l can be sprayed in litchi flower period, which can significantly reduce the fruit drop, increase the fruit rate and yield.

Diethyl(Diethylaminoethyl hexanoate). In the initial flowering period, the fruit period and the fruit expanding period, spraying 8-15mg/l diethyl can increase the fruiting rate to thicken the pulp, sweeten the fruit, reduce the core, mature early and increase the yield.

Atonik. In the 20 days before flowering and the period of fruiting, using 3-6mg/l atonik to spray the leaves surface, 1 time every 7 days, can increase the fruit rate.

Naphthylacetic Acid or Gibberellin(Gibberellic Acid, GA3). In 30 days after the flowers withering, the solution of 20mg/l gibberellin or 40-100mg/l naphthalene can reduce the fruit, increase the fruit and increase the yield.


5. The effects on fruit quality.

Atonik. For the first flowering period and the small fruiting period, the litchi is sprayed with 1.4% atonik solution, and the concentration of the liquid is 1500-3000 times. This can increase the soluble solids of fruit and improve the fruit quality.


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