Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Kale and Cauliflower

- Apr 16, 2018 -

1. Breaking seed dormancy

Plant Growth Regulator Petroleum Aid. Soak the seeds in 0.005%-0.05% petroleum aid for 12 hours before sowing the kale and cauliflower, which can increase the rate of sprouts and cauliflower.

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2. Promoting vegetative growth

Plant Growth Regulator Triacontanol. Use 0.5mg/l of triacontanol from the period of early growth stage to late growth stage  for 3 times. Each time interval 5-7 days, each leaf surface spray 50kg of liquid medicine, which can promote growth, increase yield, promote early maturity, and improve product quality.

Plant Growth Regulator Gibberellin. When the cauliflower grows to 6-8 leaves, the stem has a diameter of 0.5 to 1cm, and the plant is coated with 100mg/l of gibberellin. This can lead to early flower formation and growth of vegetative organs, which can be harvested 10 to 25 days in advance.

Plant Growth Regulator Petroleum Aid. At the early growth stage, the use of 0.05% petroleum aid is sprayed 40kg per mu, which has the effect of increasing production.

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3. Inhibiting the growth

Plant Growth Regulator Chlormequat Chloride CCC. In the 10 days before the kale and cauliflower form a hard main stem, spray 4, 000-5000mg/l of ccc solution 50kg per mu, which has the effect of delaying the stems.

The treatment period is after the bud differentiation, and the bud has not elongated. After treated with maleic hydrazide, the growth of the main stem can be inhibited, and the cracking ball is reduced, so as to promote the form of intact kale.

4. Preventing to take off the leaf

2,4-D. The kales are easy to be fall off during storage and transportation, but not as serious as cabbage. And it can be prevented by the use of 2,4-D. Spray plants with 100-250mg 2, 4-d, in the 3-5 days before the kale is harvested. After storage for 4-5 months, unprocessed kale balls, on average, had 11-12 leaves falling off; on average, the treated kale’s leaf was only 1-2 leaves. From that the consequent can be seen obviously.

5. Keeping fresh during the storage

2,4-D. Treatment the kale and cauliflower with 2, 4-d, naphthalene acetic acid or the mixed solution of both. The method is to spray a concentration of 50mg/l 2,4-D solution before harvesting. Or in the state of ester to treat the kale in the method of volatilization after packaging , the effect of preservation is also very good. 

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