Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Jujube

- Jul 08, 2018 -

1. Promote Root

It was found that there were no disease-free hawthorn cuttings with good quality, moderate growth and healthy growth. With the IBA 50mg/L, the base was soaked in the base of 3h, and then the root was buried in the soil with moderate humidity, and the rooting effect was remarkable.

Note: it is important to strictly control the concentration of IBA, such as increasing the concentration to 80mg/L, and decrease the rooting rate.

Naphthalene acetic acid. The root rate of the hawthorn green branch was treated with the concentration of 300mg/L of the root stock, and the hair root rate was 90% ABT. The root was soaked in the tap water of 24h, and it was soaked for 6h in the tap water of 24h, and then treated with 100mg/LABT for 18h, and the rooting rate of 60~75d was 80% after cutting. 


2. Increase the fruit rate.

DA-6.After the fruit of the initial flowering stage, the fruit expanded with 8~15mg/L, which can increase the fruit rate and make the fruit grow quickly and evenly.

GA3.The planting time of the mountain is 50~60mg/L, which can greatly improve the fruit rate and reduce the fruit drop.

Triacontanol. In hawthorn flowering and fruit enlargement period of spraying on the leaf and young fruit of 0.5 mg/L triacontanol, leaf area increased obviously, color dark green leaf thickening, crown, fruit-set rate increased, the fruit a uniform.


3. Ripening improves quality.

1 week before spraying Ethephon at harvest time of 500 ~ 600 mg/L Ethephon solution, general hawthorn tree crown diameter 4 ~ 5 m each spraying 4 ~ 5 kg solution can make the hawthorn early mature, accelerated fall off easy to harvest, can replace manual picking, save labor, but also improve the quality Be careful to strictly grasp the concentration, too high will cause the fallen leaves.

GA3.Mountain plant trees flowering spraying ga3 50 ~ 60 mg/L, can increase the fruit of vitamin C, reduce the fruit hardness, color and mature period ahead of fresh 5 ~ 10 d Amine ester fruit-set after flowering Fruit enlargement period with 8 ~ 15 mg/L liquid spray once, can make the fruit sugar content increases, the increase in resistance, early maturity, increase production.


4.Increase Production

GA3.Hawthorn from early flowering to flowering spraying ga3 were effective, coated spraying works best with spraying concentration depends on number of flowers, flowers many, usually spray GA3 30 ~ 40 mg/L, and spend less however, can be sprayed GA3 50 to 75 mg/L, hawthorn flowering is shorter, usually only 4 year 5 d, so be ready for the flowering applying pesticide in advance Coated and young fruit period spraying ga3 20 ~ 50 mg/L, average fruit weight increased by 20% 25%, the biggest weight 59%, such as to support the use of nutrient solution, the effect is more obvious The fruit treated with GA3 can obtain a considerable amount of fruitless fruit, so the hawthorn treated with GA3 is not suitable for harvesting.


5. Precocity Fruiting. 

Paclobutrazol.When the branches of hawthorn saplings were extended to 20cm, the Paclobutrazol of 1500~2500mg/L was applied to reduce the new tip by about 50%, the canopy volume decreased by more than 70%, and chlorophyll and leaf dry weight increased, promoting early results of saplings.

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