Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Garlic and Onions(2)

- Apr 17, 2018 -

一. Promote seed germination

Now there are many excellent sexual breeding population varieties in China that need to be propagated with seeds. Tea seed mature harvest immediately after planting the soil is not easy to sprout in the short term, Before the germination, the salt solution containing trace elements, such as plant growth regulator Sodium Nirophenolate, Gibberellin, Ethephon, etc. Which can be processed to promote the seedling. In the case of immersion, the use of the Sodium Nirophenolate for 6-8h, after washing with clear water to seed, can promote the germination of tea seeds, promote seedling seedling, and enhance the resistance of seedlings.

二.Promote cutting roots

The plant growth regulator with plant growth regulator IBA, NAA ,and other plant growth regulators can accelerate the growth of new roots and cultivate young seedlings.

1. Plant growth regulator Triacontanol

Triacontanol is a kind of low-toxicity fatty alcohol plant growth regulator, which can promote the growth, differentiation and development of plants. After dealing with the Triacontanol tea tree cuttings survival rate high, plant growth, and Rich roots, more uniform distribution, root in the deep and wide, to strengthen water absorption, promote plant growth, enhance dry matter accumulation of laid a foundation.Before transplanting, the use of bare root seedling Triacontanol solution soak the head or dip in processing, can promote bare-root seedling regeneration ability of root system, increase the root-shoot ratio, improve the quality of the seedling, strengthen new plant seedling drought-resistant ability, can obviously improve the survival rate of plants.

三.Inhibit growth and adjust the plant type

The top edge of the seedling plant is strong, and the trunk is tall and tall, and it is very difficult to harvest tea. Paclobutrazol is a plant growth regulator, which inhibits the synthesis of Gibberellic, thereby delaying growth, inhibiting internode growth, and dwarfed plant. In the growth stage, it was used 4 times, and every time interval of two weeks, it was effective to suppress the length of the end of the bitter tea.

1.The mixture of  Gibberellin, IAA and Brassinolide 

Plant growth regulator Gibberellin can promote the transformation of maltose (induced by alpha-amylase); Promoting vegetative growth (significantly promoting growth of stem leaves); IAA can induce the formation of adventitious roots and promote lateral root growth. Brassinolide belongs to sterols plant growth regulator, which has the dual effect of promoting plant cell division and extension, which can promote the development of plant roots, enhance photosynthesis and improve chlorophyll content of crops.After mixing, it can promote the growth of tea leaves, increase the yield, and promote the roots of the plants.

2. plant growth regulator Sodium Nirophenolate

 In bud germ growth to a tea leaf, from the exhibition in the early stage using complex foliar spray of phenol sodium nitrate, can make the tea bud density increase, increase by about 20%, a bud 3 leaf length increased by 12% - 15%, a bud trilobites weighs hundreds of bud increased about 12%. The growth rate of new shoots increased by 8%, the number of shoots increased by 15%, and the yield of fresh leaves increased by more than 20%.

3. Triacontanol

Plant growth regulator Triacontanol is used in the growth period of summer tea foliar spray of control system for concentration of 0.5 mg/L can increase yield more than 20% of the research has shown that triacontanol processing tea, tea tree bearing based better fertility garden production effect is good, low yield tea garden spraying high concentration had a tendency to cut instead General new shoots after spray density has increased length and coarseness, blade is thick, dry tea rate also increased, but the fresh leaves are tender after spraying sex is bad, so the appearance is loose, especially high concentration treatment is more obvious.

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