Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Garlic and Onions

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1.Delayed Germination

Onions and garlic are more resistant to storage of bulbous vegetables, harvested throughout the year for supply throughout the year. Usually onions or garlic are harvested within 30 to 60 days after harvest, and the inside of the bulb tissue begins to move. After another month, it begins to sprout. This is related to change in hormone activity within the bulb. The nutrients in the bulb after germination are gradually depleted and it is not edible. Therefore, inhibiting bulbs of onion and garlic to germinate during storage is the key to ensuring food quality and extending supply.

Inhibiting the germination of bulbs such as onions and garlic during storage, in the rural areas, the methods of “hanging onions” are customarily adopted, and the onions and garlic are harvested, dried slightly, and then braided with dead leaves to form glutinous rice dumplings, kept in cold, Ventilated, dry eaves can extend storage and reduce decay. Can also be used for low temperature storage, if stored below 5 °C, can inhibit the bulb germination; if you lower the storage temperature, it will increase the cost of the storage period. However, delaying the release of the cold storage time was not effective in suppressing sprouting, and the bulbs that had been refrigerated sprouted very quickly after being released from the warehouse.

About 15 days before the onion and garlic were harvested, 3000 mg/L of the liquid was sprayed on the leaves in the field to inhibit germination during bulb storage and prolong the dormancy period. The same 25-150 mg/L plant growth regulator  2,4,5-T sodium salt solution is also effective. However, these test results are not stable.

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2.Fertility regulation

Spraying the compound plant growth regulator sodium Nitrophenolate during the growth period of garlic and the expansion of garlic can promote the increase of the plant, increase the garlic weight and increase the weight. According to the research, after sprayed with sodium Nitrophenolate, the plant height increased by 5~8cm compared with the control, the garlic weight increased by about 4~15g, and the garlic diameter increased by about 1cm. The average yield per mu was 1492.69kg, which increased by 25.55% over the control.

Using it at the seedling stage can promote growth, and spraying at the garlic formation stage can promote garlic hypertrophy and increase production by about 25%. The use of 1.4% sodium Nitroprusside 5000 ~ 6000 times, spraying liquid per acre leaf 50 ~ 75kg. Application must strictly control the concentration, and can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides in the garlic plant began to enter the vigorous growth period and the early stage of garlic expansion, respectively, with a concentration of 1.4% plant growth regulator sodium Nitroprusside 5 000 ~ 6000 times per mu spray 50 ~ 75kg, each Spray 7 times every 7~10d, spray 2~3 times. Because garlic leaves are rich in wax, in order to increase the adhesiveness of the liquid, a small amount of washing powder can be added to the liquid.

Spraying of plant growth regulator sodium Nitrophenolate with garlic should be based on the purpose of the use of garlic to determine the spraying time and frequency, if the purpose of using garlic leaves, the plant should enter the vigorous growth period for heavy spraying;

For the purpose of harvesting garlic, it can be sprayed a second time every 7 days in the early stage of garlic expansion based on the previous spraying. To strictly control the use of concentration, two dilutions are used; When spraying sodium Nitroprusside, if there is pest damage, it can be mixed with pesticides, but it can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides. Spraying the blocks of sodium Nitrophenolate to strengthen fertilizer and water management.

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