Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Fruit Plum

- Jun 12, 2018 -

1. Promote flower bud differentiation.


Paclobutrazol: In order to promote the flower bud differentiation of fruit plum, it can be used for the plum tree that was overgrown in early July, with a concentration of 300-500mg/L. The effect was significant.

2.Avoid premature leaves.


Sodium 2,4-Dinitrophenolate: The early deciduous leaves (before late July) are extremely adverse to flowering, and should be taken to prevent the defoliation measures against the ground, and can be applied to prevent the abnormal leaves of the plant by spraying 5mg/ l-10mg /L, 2, 4-d.


3. Prompt leaves in time.


Ethephon: October basic fall the leaves of trees into relatively dormant and conducive to the development of flower bud, in the high temperature and rainy autumn years, can be sprayed low concentration ethrel, such as: 3% to 5% of potassium chloride + 100-150 mg/L ethephon solution, its slow leaves (note: spray ethephon concentration is too high to cause acute leaves is unfavorable to nutrient transfer). 

Paclobutrazol: In the middle of September, the multi-effect azole +100mg/L of polyazole with a concentration of 500mg/L could induce the leaves to fall off naturally on time.


4. Protect fruit and promote the fruiting rate.


Gibberellin acid: Gibberellin Late (sheng flower) spray after Xie Hua photosynthesis enhancer composite nucleotide (concentration) according to the instructions and 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 40 mg/L gibberellin mixture 1-2 times, about 15 to 20 days, can significantly improve fruit-set rate.

About the Gibberellin acid GA3 infomation you can visit this page:

Paclobutrazol: Smoke multi-effect azole spring tip hair spray 3-5 cm when 300 mg/L500mg/L multi-effect azole (do) and nucleotide colleagues, is advantageous to the moderate growth, inhibition of spring shoots make short spring tip growth, leaf thickening, leaf color more dark green, prompted the fruit increased.


5. Adjust the maturity of fruit plum.


Ethephon: GuoMei natural fruit mature two weeks before spraying concentration of 250 mg/L ethephon solution, mature early 5-6 days, and this process can keep GuoMei original quality, adjust the effect of supply GuoMei.


Gibberellin acid: Spray 40-80mg/L gibberellin liquid can be delayed for 4-5 days. During the spraying period, it can maintain the original quality of fruit and adjust the effect of fruit supply.

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