Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Eggplant

- Apr 24, 2018 -

1.Control the seedling period

Chlormequat Chloride CCC .After the treatment of the eggplant seedlings, the plants are short and strong, the leaves are thick and green, the growth rate is slow, the internodes are shortened, and the resistance is enhanced.

For seedlings with long trend, CCC can be treated with the following methods:

Spray method: with CCC 300mg/L blade spray, the mist point should be fine when spraying, choose to apply after 3 PM on sunny days, and avoid repeated spraying to prevent overloading.

Casting method: using CCC 500mg/L liquid to pour the seedlings.Generally, the seedbed of each hectare is about 1L.Sprinkle the CCC, can choose the water bottle of fine pore size, want to prevent the repeated pouring to do the spread evenly, lest the plant restrain excessive and affect the growth.

When the seedlings began to appear in the trend of growth, the seedlings were treated with Paclobutrazol, and the seedlings were obviously controlled by the growth of the seedlings. The plants were short and strong, and the leaves were thick and green and the leaves were stiff.

Leaf surface spraying was conducted with 10 ~ 20mg/L Paclobutrazol when the plant had 5 to 6 real leaves.The dosage is 20 ~ 30kg for each mu, and the mist points should be fine when spraying. Spray should be uniform and not repeated.Generally, the whole seedling stage should be sprayed once, no more than two times, otherwise, the seedling will be overgrown and the growth will be affected.

Pay attention to the following:

(1) To prevent the seedling seedling from being strictly controlled by the use of cytoplasm, especially the concentration of the spray method and the pouring method is not the same, and can not be mistaken; In order to control the use of the times , the general seedling stage should be applied once, do not repeat the application repeatedly, and prevent the heavy spraying.

(2) The concentration of the drug must be strictly controlled. The suitable concentration of eggplant seedlings should be 10 ~ 20mg/L, and if more than 20mg/L is above, the seedling can be inhibited and the growth will be affected.The application method is limited to leaf spraying, and the fog points should be fine.If the root or root is applied, the plant growth will be seriously affected by soil residues.

2.Prevent falling fruit

4-CPA-NA: eggplant application 50 ~ 60mg/L 4-CPA-NA spray, can reduce drug harm, save labor, and can significantly increase early production.

NA-NAA: using NA-NAA with 10 ~ 12mg/L for leaf surface spraying. The results showed that the Na-naa concentration was 20mg/L before and after flowering.

Pay attention to the following:

The suitable concentration of 4-CPA-NA was 50 ~ 60mg/L.If the temperature below 20 ℃, the concentration can choose 60 mg/L; When the temperature is high, the concentration should go down.

Spray flowers are generally used, and small hand-held sprays or sprays can be used to spray the flowers. Adjust the application concentration according to the change of temperature; The spray point should avoid contacting with branches and leaves, or there will still be different levels of drug damage.

3.Promote fruit expansion, increase production and improve quality

Da-6: use the Da-6 of 12 ~ 15mg/L as the leaf surface spraying, each mu with a liquid of 50kg, with a total of 2 ~ 3 times, with a spacing of 10 d. It can promote fruit expansion, increase yield and improve product quality.

DCPTA: using 30mg/L to increase the yield of the leaf surface spraying, each mu with 50kg of liquid medicine, spraying 2 ~ 3 times, interval 7 ~ 10 d. It can promote fruit expansion, increase yield and improve product quality.

Sodium Nitrophenolate: 4 ~ 6mg/L of the Sodium nitrate for leaf surface spraying, each mu used 50kg of liquid medicine, spraying 3 ~ 4 times, the interval 7 d.It can promote the growth rate of cucumber, increase yield and improve product quality.

Brassinolide seedling stage was sprayed by Brassinolide with 0.0 LMG /L, and 25 ~ 30kg of liquid medicine per acre. Spray 2 ~ 3 times, interval 7 ~ 10d. It can promote fruit expansion, increase yield and improve product quality.


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