Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Economic Crops

- Jul 30, 2017 -

1. cultivate strong seedlings

Indole butyric acid + α-naphthylacetate

Sprayed with indole butyric acid + α-naphthylacetate 10-20 mg / L or seeded with 10mg / L.


With 250mg / L liquid spraying seedling foliage, can make internodes short, leaf thickening green, drought and cold.


With 100-500mg / L liquid spraying seedling leaves, can make internodes short, thick green leaves, drought and cold.

Sodium nitrophenolate

With 3-6 mg / L sodium nitrophenate soaking 12h, and spraying at the seedling 1-2 times, every 7d time, can promote strong seedlings, leaves dark green and shiny, significantly reduce the damping-off and leaves Blight.

Amine fresh ester

With 10mg / L of the amine fresh ester in the seedling foliage spraying, leaves the leaves can be green, cultivated seedlings. (Colonization) irrigation irrigation, each 100mL diluted liquid, can prevent falciparum, root rot and so on.

2. Chemical regulation, to promote fruit set


With 100mg / L treatment of melon flowers, can increase the proportion of female flowers.


When the young melon grow to the size of the egg, with 50mg / L gibberellin smear melon handle 1, to promote the rapid growth of young melon. Spraying the stigma or ovary of the female flower with gibberellin 100 mg / L on day or day before flowering improves the fruit setting.

IAA, alpha-naphthylacetic acid (sodium), benzyladenine

If you use benzylidene adenine (6-BA) 1% -2% solution to apply ovary or pedicel can increase the fruit set rate of 50%, 35% increase, with α-naphthyl acetic acid (sodium) 200-300mg / L water spray Flowers also have the effect of promoting fruit setting. In order to promote fruit setting, in the use of chemical adjustment technology at the same time, some agronomic measures and their management must also be matched, such as flowering fruit to control the water before the soil relative humidity remained at 70% -80%, generally not irrigation; Suitable temperature is 20 ℃, such as fruit set point temperature below 18 ℃ is easy to form abnormal melon.

3. Promote melon ripening


White melon, melon and so on with 500mg / L of ethephon liquid spray fruit also ripening effect, but this kind of ripening effect does not affect the quality, but also early listing as a prerequisite.

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