Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Cucumber

- Jun 19, 2018 -


The dosage forms are 98% original, 1% and 5% water, 20% and 40% soluble powder.

1.1 Promoting rooting

The rapid dipping method was used to remove the side tendrils from the cucumber plants, 2 ~ 3 sections for each section, and the rapid dipping of the stem base incision was 5 s with the 2, 000 mg/kg of naphthalene acetate and 1000 mg/kg of indolebutyric acid.

The root method and irrigation method can be used to immerse 8 ~ 24 h or irrigation root in a mixture of 20 mg/kg and 15 mg/kg of naphthalene acetate.

A mixture of 10 mg/kg and 10 mg/kg of naphthalene acetic acid was mixed or immersed.

With naphthalene acetic acid and indolebutyric acid mixed with the main reason is the naphthalene acetic acid induced root is short, and an increase in the number of lateral root, and indolebutyric acid induced root is more slender, both have very good promotion and complementary role.

1.2 Increase the female flowers and protect the flowers.

The proportion of female flowers could be increased by spraying 5 ~ 10 mg/kg of naphthalene acetate in 1 ~ 3 slices of real leaf.In the result period, 10 mg/kg of naphthalene acetate can be used to protect the fruit, swelling and sweetening.

Note: it is important to pay attention to the use of concentration. When the root, root and immersion concentration of naphthalene acetate are over 100 mg/kg, the root growth will be inhibited.When the spraying concentration is too high, there will also be drug damage, which will cause the cucumber wilting.It can be used with auxin, sodium nitroguaiacolate, fungicide and fertilizer.


二.Sodium Nitroguaiacolate

The main dosage forms were 0.7%, 1.4% and 1.8%.

2.1 To improve the resistance of seedlings.

By soaking seeds of 12 h with pure sodium nitroguaiacolate 3 mg/kg, the seeds germinated quickly, developed roots, and improved disease resistance.

2.2 To increase production

The growth of cucumber can be adjusted to prevent the falling fruit and increase the yield.

2.3 Rooting and improving the utilization rate of fertilizers.

The root aging can be prevented by using pure compound sodium nitrate 5 mg/kg, which can promote the generation of new root.For each 667 m2, the pure compound sodium nitrate 8 g is used with water, and 6 g of pure sodium nitroguaiacolate and fertilizer can be used, which can increase the utilization rate of fertilizer and promote root growth.

2.4 Disinfection

When the cucumber is harmful, it can be used to spray the pure compound nitrate 3 mg/kg, which can reduce the harm of the medicine and promote the growth and development of cucumber.

Note: it is important to note that the use of concentration, after the use of sodium nitrate of phenol concentration as far as possible not more than 10 mg/kg, especially in seedling stage, can appear otherwise inhibit the growth of cucumber leaves shrivel curly, leaves yellowing, and even the phenomenon of water;It can be mixed with naphthalene acetic acid, fungicide and fertilizer. if the rain should be supplemented; use time for the evening or morning , can not be repeated application. 


三.Brassinolide (BR)

The main dosage form was 0.1% brassinolide soluble powder or cream.

3.1 strengthening resistance.

By soaking cucumber seeds 24 h, the seedling of cucumber seedlings can be promoted, and the seedling can be promoted, and the seedling and seedling resistance can be increased.

3.2 increase production

Available in cucumber seedling period, growth period and result, brassinolide 0.01 mg/kg, the liquid medicine spraying leaf significantly improve the ability of seedling resistance to low temperature at night, female flowers 1 day down, flowering, fruit rate increase.

Note: the spraying time is best before 10:00, after 15:00.



The main dosage forms were 1.6% DA-6 water agent and 8% DA-6 soluble powder.

4.1 Production increase and prevention

Cucumber seedling period, early flowering, fruit after each 1 times fresh pure DA-6  6 mg/kg, can make healthy cucumber, enhanced disease resistance, cold resistance, flower number increasing, improve the rate, the melon thick long, improve quality, early maturity, pull up seedlings late, to increase production.

4.2 Detoxification

The herbicide can be removed by using pure DA-6 8 mg/kg, so it can be used with herbicide.

Note: cannot mix with alkaline pesticides and fertilizers;The concentration should not be too large, or it will inhibit the growth of cucumber;Can be mixed with fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide and herbicide.



The main dosage forms were 30% and 15%.

5.1 Strong seedling

The seedling of cucumber seedlings could be inhibited by using 50 mg/kg, which can inhibit the resistance of cucumber seedlings.

5.2 Prevention of growth

In cucumber 4 leaf stage or in the long time, can be used to reduce 35 mg/kg spraying, can improve the cucumber's disease resistance and cold resistance, prevent the cucumber to grow, increase the yield, increase the yield.

Note: cucumbers are more sensitive to the Paclobutrazol, so be sure to use the concentration. The leaf spray should not be more than 40 mg/kg, and the average 15 kg of water will be used to 3 g.


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