Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Corn

- Aug 08, 2018 -

1.Preventing corn from falling down

According to the experiment, the use of ethephon in corn can promote root development and early maturing. Normally, spray 25-30 kg of 40% ethephon 500 times solution per 667 square meters.

When using, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the concentration of ethephon. If the concentration is too high, it will cause excessive inhibition of stem growth and affect the yield. Master the period of use and prevent too early or too late. The spray should be even to prevent the crop from growing unevenly. 

2.Promoting early maturing and increasing yield

Sodium nitrophenolate. The use of high-yield in the extraction of male flowers can increase the fullness of corn kernels and increase the weight of corn kernels. Through this method, not only can increase yield, but also promote corn precocity. When the corn is being pumped, spraying 4-6 mg/L sodium nitrophenolate diluent 50 kg per 667 square meters can also promote corn precocity.

3.Application test of other regulators on corn

Brassinolide. After applying 0.01 mg/L of brassinolide on corn, it can improve the growth of corn, increase the seed setting rate of corn, promote early maturity and increase yield. Pay attention to the altitude of the aircraft during the flight-jet operation. According to the observation during the spraying operation, the actual flight height of the aircraft should not exceed 5 meters, which can ensure the droplet to contact the leaf surface quickly, reduce the loss caused by the fog droplet in the air, and thus ensure the effect of spraying.


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