Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Cherries

- Jan 24, 2018 -

1. To promote the cutting and rooting of cherry shoots.

Naphthylacetic Acid. Deal with the cherry shoots with 100mg/l naphthalene acetate, and the the rooting rate could be 88.3% and this way can advance or shorten the time that the cuttings take root. 


2. To Improve cherry growth.

Gibberellin(1.8%)+6- amino purine(1.8%). When the bud starts to sprout, apply the liquid that is Gibberellin(1.8%)+6- amino purine(1.8%)+an inert substance 1000mg/l to the cherry plant, which will promote the cherry picking.

3. To inhibit cherry growth.

Paclobutrazol. In the new branches is to 50cm, the liquid surface was sprayed with a 15% polyazole W.P powder 400 times liquid. The soil is sprayed with the solution before the leaves fall in autumn and germinate in spring. Spray paclobutrazol solution1.8g /m2, which can inhibit the growth of flower bud differentiation and increase the fruit rate.

Daminozide. From 15 to 17 days after the bloom, use the butyl hydrazine 500-3000mg/l and spray the crown once every 10 days. Continuous spraying 3 times can obviously promote flower bud differentiation.

4. To improve cherry fruit rate and promote fruit growth.

Gibberellin. During the blooming period, the spray of gibberellin 20-40mg/l can increase the yield of the cherry. The weight of the cherry fruit can be significantly increased by spraying the fruit with 10 mg of gibberellin in the first 20-22 days.

Daminozide. The fruit will be expanded by spraying 1, 500 grams of butyryl hydrazide per hectare for 8 days after flowering.

Paclobutrazol. In march, the fruit weight of the cherries was increased by 0.8-16g of Paclobutrazo per plant sprayed in the soil.

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5. To promotes cherry ripening and fruit firmness.

Ethephon. In the first two weeks of the harvest, the sweet cherries used 300mg/l, and 200 mg/l  for the tart cherries can promote fruit mature.

Daminozide. In the 2 weeks after the bloom, the fruits of the sweet cherry varieties were sprayed with 2, 000 mg/l butyl hydrazide, which can be ripened and improved.

6. To prevent sweet cherry split.

Gibberellin. In the 20 days before harvest, spraying 5 to 10mg of gibberellin can significantly reduce the fruit rot and peel of the cherries and improve the quality of the fruit.

Naphthylacetic Acid. In the 25 to 30 days before the cherry harvest, 1mg/l of naphthalene acetic acid was sprayed on sweet cherry varieties to reduce the yield of the fruit by 25% to 30%.


7. To prevent cherry picking before picking.

Naphthylacetic Acid. In the 10-20 days before harvest, spray 0.5%-1% of naphthalene acetic acid 1-2 times in the new tip or fruit handle can effectively prevent the fruit from falling.

8. To enhance the cold resistance of cherries.

maleichydrazide. In autumn, the spray of 500-3000mg/l maleic hydrazide+300mgethephon can improve the maturity of the new shoot and the cold resistance of the painting.

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